Karl-Anthony Towns Rumors

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It was a truly Towns-centric offense. Going forward, that doesn’t figure to change, but how he is featured will. Saunders is encouraging Towns to handle the ball in transition, distribute to cutters going to the basket and, in some cases, run the pick-and-roll as the ball-handler. “I talked to Ryan Saunders and he said he’s going to be receiving some ball-screen actions, he’s going to be taking the ball up the court at some points,” Mazarei said. “If he grabs a rebound, they don’t mind if he goes. So we did a lot of ballscreen action where he’s the ball-handler.”
They will enter the regular season as long shots to make the playoffs in the high-powered Western Conference. If they’re going to surprise people and jump into contention, Towns will have to lead the way. “Our focus is he has the best year of his career now. But we want that ceiling to grow and stretch to levels that make him a special talent in this league,” Rosas said. “For us, he’s 23, 24 years old, coming into his own individually. “Now we have to make winning a part of that formula. How we build a team. How we play offense, how we play defense are big parts that are wrapped around who he is and what he can do.”
The NBA won’t allow players to wear “ninja-style headwear” this season. Several players — including the Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler, the New Orleans Pelicans’ Jrue Holiday, the LA Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns and the Brooklyn Nets’ Jarrett Allen — regularly wore the headgear a season ago.
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The Suns traded the former Red Raider during the draft to the Timberwolves, making him teammates with Timberwolves’ stars Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. “It’s been great interacting with (Towns and Wiggins),” Culver said. “They’re great people, great players, so I’m just making sure I learn from them. They’ve been there, they’ve been to that level, so making sure I learn everything I can. It’s going to be a great season.”