Karl-Anthony Towns Rumors

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Legarza’s release sparked internet speculation that Towns is unhappy with a team that can give him a contract extension ranging from $157 million to $188 million this summer. Asked if all is well in relations with Towns, Thibodeau said, “Yeah, yeah. He’s doing quite well. And I love KAT. He has had a terrific start to his career. He’s doing a little bit of traveling right now. Jimmy [Butler] is doing a little bit of traveling as well. So we’ve got two world travelers right now, but they’ll be back shortly. To get to where we are — obviously we’re not ultimately where we want to be, but it was a major step forward — you can’t do it individually. It’s got to be the whole group doing it together. And for the most part, I think we are in a good place.”
Is there a signature shoe in the making for you? KAT: No, not yet. TA: Are you interested in that? KAT: I would love to have my own signature shoe. I love shoes, I’ve been drawing shoes and designing shoes since I was young. Obviously with the PE’s from Nike. They’re all usually hand designed by me, so that’s cool. Then, obviously with Kickstradamus and the customs, I always have a big input in making them, the design and everything, and he makes it come to life. I’ve always had an eye for creativity and for designing. I’ve always drawn my own shoes and stuff. So if I’m blessed with he opportunity, I would love to have my own signature shoe.
“I think their owner would trade management/the coach before he would trade Karl-Anthony Towns,” Wojnarowski said. “I don’t think they would allow that. I just don’t believe they’d allow that kind of decision. And I don’t know that they’d want to trade him. To answer this first, Minnesota’s bigger issue is not…he’s Karl-Anthony Towns, they’re not moving him, Towns is eligible for his extension this summer. You know Jimmy Butler…it’s more of a question of Andrew Wiggins. That to me would be, if someone was going to get moved — and I’m not saying anyone’s going to get moved — I think Andrew Wiggins is the one you’re going to look at first. Because…you don’t have to make a decision on Towns and Jimmy Butler and one of those guys having to take less on an extension, because you can’t have three [max] guys.”
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