Karl-Anthony Towns Rumors

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Karl-Anthony Towns: A year ago my life was forever changed. To the most beautiful woman I will ever know, I love you more than life itself. Every day I miss you more & more, but your endless love & unforgettable memories are what keeps me going.

“I remember how big a fan I was of A-Rod. Still am,” Towns said late Sunday night. “I went to Walmart and Walmart had just got these new super replica off-the-way A-Rod jerseys. I was like, ‘Mom, I got to get this A-Rod jersey.’ It was like $35. “She’s like, ‘Go try it on in the fitting room.’ I feel like the biggest man on campus. I know damn well I can’t afford one at Modell’s. I know that’s too much money for us. But Walmart? I may be able to finagle this. She goes, ‘Great! Leave it on.’ You ain’t got to tell me twice. You know how bad I want this jersey?”