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In Minnesota, while the Wolves would certainly need Simmons to shoot more than zero times in the fourth quarter, they wouldn’t need him to be a No. 2 option on offense. Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards and D’Angelo Russell (the Timberwolves view Russell as a part of the core and want to keep it that way, sources said) give coach Chris Finch three accomplished offensive players to get buckets down the stretch.
Among its many proposed changes to federal laws regarding policing, the GFPA would: • Limit “qualified immunity” – which protects individual police officers from being held personally liable for monetary damages for constitutional violations under federal law, if the officers did not violate “clearly established” law. • Limit unnecessary use of force, and restrict the use of no-knock warrants, carotid holds and chokeholds. • Create a national registry that would compile dates on complaints and records of police misconduct. • Direct the Department of Justice to create uniform standards to accredit law enforcement agencies, requiring police officers to be trained on racial profiling and implicit bias, and require intervention by other officers when one of their peers uses excessive force.
“We’re trying to attack it from all angles,” said the Timberwolves’ Towns, who was at the epicenter of the Floyd murder and the subsequent protests in Minneapolis. “It’s like being a player. You can’t just do one thing. You can’t just shoot. We’re trying to hit the Senators, we’re on our social media, trying to go down to the grassroots. Everyone has to do their part. You only win a championship when everybody plays their part and takes their role. Keep the goal the same and just grind and grind.”
“There is a role for corporate America to play, and in that context, for the NBA governors to be able to speak in certain rooms that others may not have access to, to emphasize the importance of changing the way policing occurs in America,” Jeffries said. “In my view, while the voice of the NBA governors may not influence people like (Kentucky Senator) Mitch McConnell, there are individual Republican Senators who they can certainly reach and influence in a positive way. …