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Kelly Olynyk
Kelly Olynyk
Position: C
Born: 04/19/91
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:234 lbs. / 106.1 kg.
Salary: $12,667,885
“So on that play, at replay, Olynyk, we judged that he took an aggressive swipe and he made some contact into the facial area of Kyle Lowry,” Guthrie said in the pool report. “At replay, in my judgement, I felt like that did meet the criteria for a flagrant foul. After reviewing that more postgame, and thinking about it a little bit more, to me, it now is more of a natural basketball play going for the ball and that the contact really did not rise to the criteria of a flagrant foul. In both of these instances and cases, though, as always, I know that the league office will review them as they always do all flagrant fouls and they’ll make their determinations at the end of the day on what they think they ended up, in their judgement, that it was. But we had our judgments in the live game.”
Miami Heat center Kelly Olynyk can now be mentioned in the same sentence as legend Dwyane Wade. Olynk scored all 20 of his points in the fourth quarter in Saturday’s 125-105 victory against the Denver Nuggets in Orlando. Wade is the only other Heat player to accomplish the feat. He did it five times in his career, the last coming in 2009. “He brings us a skill level at the center position that’s unique to this league,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “His training camp has been very good. He’s had a lot of moments like this where he’s played some of the best basketball. On any given particular day, he’s been one of the top three players.”
Do you still plan to participate with Team Canada in the Olympics? Dillon Brooks: Yeah, absolutely. We are going to make a run. Hopefully, we can beat that virus so we can get over there and play. But I want to make history. I know we have a lot of guys in the league right now like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jamal Murray and Tristan Thompson and Kelly Olynyk. We all want to make history.
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The Heat are now projected to have cap space after their big trade with the Memphis Grizzlies. Prior to the deadline, the Grizzlies were projected to have $52.8 million available, but instead transferred a large portion of it to the Heat by taking on Dion Waiters and James Johnson in order to acquire Justise Winslow. The Heat are projected to generate $26.5 million in cap space assuming Kelly Olynyk opts-in and they hold onto Derrick Jones Jr.‘s bird rights. With their eyes set on 2021 maximum cap space, they are unlikely to offer free-agent targets more than a one-year deal.
“He’s been putting in the time — similar to what (James Johnson) did, similar (to Kelly Olynyk),” Spoelstra said. “We need everybody. Inevitably, during a long NBA season, you need everybody to contribute. It’s not always going to necessarily be on your terms, but the last two or three weeks he’s just been a lot more consistent. When I called him, in typical Dion fashion he said, ‘I’m ready.’ It was good to see him out there.
Thompson was hesitant to talk about this summer at Monday morning’s shootaround, saying: “I’m just thinking about tonight, playing against the Raptors at home at 7:30 at Scotiabank Arena. So that’s where my mindset is at. I’m happy Nick Nurse is the coach.” But it’s unlikely Thompson or Miami Heat centre Kelly Olynyk — who could opt out of his current deal and so would also be without a contract — will play in the June 23-28 tournament.
Kelly Olynyk: So, how and when did this fantasy football obsession begin? “It first started when I got to the NBA,” the 6-11, 240-pound, Canadian-born forward said. “My boys from college (at Gonzaga) got me into it. I never played fantasy before that. I boycotted football, to be honest with you, because coming from Canada we didn’t have the NFL. Plus, in college, you play Thursdays and Saturdays. Sunday was usually our day off. All these dudes wanted to do was sit around and watch football from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. They didn’t want to go anywhere, do anything. So, I was always like, ‘This is boring as shit, I’m out.’”
How many hours a week do you spend doing this, and where do you do these leagues? Kelly Olynyk: “I play in a couple leagues on ESPN, a few in Yahoo,” Olynyk said. “I usually save my waiver (wire pickup). I don’t pick up guys. I spend a lot of time looking at injury updates. I think the worst trade I made this year was getting rid of Stefon Diggs after three weeks, four weeks. I got Marquise Brown back, which wasn’t bad, but he was in and out of the lineup, obviously.”
When he was called up, he soaked up guidance from veterans like Wade, Udonis Haslem and Kelly Olynyk. And last April, Robinson signed a two-year, $3.1 million deal with the Heat. “The situation can be everything, and I feel really good about this organization,” Robinson said. “They’ve been great with me, the support they’ve given me. Front office, coaching staff, it’s special. I felt like I was capable at this level. I’ve always believed that. But sometimes it just takes more of an extended opportunity.”

Jimmy Butler back on Tuesday

Ira Winderman: Heat update: — Jimmy Butler is expected to play Tuesday. Not on Heat list of unavailable — Dion Waiters and James Johnson are both listed as out for Tuesday. That could change Tuesday. — Derrick Jones Jr listed as out due to groin. — Kelly Olynyk probable, with quad contusion.
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As part of a sign-and-trade agreement with the 76ers involving Jimmy Butler, the Heat — according to multiple reports the night of June 30 — agreed to send Dragic to the Mavericks. Just hours later, reports surfaced that Dallas believed it was getting Kelly Olynyk and Derrick Jones Jr. in the deal and not Dragic. That miscommunication led to the Mavericks removing themselves from the trade and Dragic remaining with the Heat.