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Kemba Walker
Kemba Walker
Position: G
Born: 05/08/90
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:172 lbs. / 78 kg.
Salary: $32,742,000
Jared Weiss: Walker isn’t concerned about going into COVID hot zone: “I think we’re going to be pretty safe and secluded in the bubble.” Kemba: “I’m a single man with no kids, so I’ma be fine. All I do is stay in the house anyways, so there’s nothing wrong with me staying in the room. I’m actually looking forward to it cause I’m ready to play basketball. And it’s going to be set up so we can have fun.”
And, you know, as I mentioned, SpaceX at NASA, they recently launched two astronauts to the International Space Station. Did he have a story about watching that launch or what it meant to him? Ben Pickman: Yeah, I mean, this was a historic moment, a remember where you were kind of moment, as Williams described it. Now, he was in the house of Kemba Walker in Charlotte, which is where he is spending his quarantine, his hiatus from the NBA. And Williams was really excited about the launch in particular. And he said the thing that is amazing to him is just the different kinds of launches, the different kinds of shuttles, the different kinds of launch pads and launch procedures that we’ve seen in recent years. That kind of change, that evolution, that advancement, he said, is something that’s really jumped out to him.
Back in 2015, Jordan joined France’s L’Equipe for an interview, and at the time, Jordan claimed that he could still beat the Charlotte players in one-on-one but didn’t want to hurt their confidence. Jordan was 52 years old at the time of the interview, and the Hornets’ roster included Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum. As far as we know, those games never took place.
“That’s my matchup, I want K-Walk,” Irving, who grew up in West Orange, N.J., said of Walker. “That’s my big bro. I want K-Walk. That’s my big bro. You know we got mutual respect, but I know everybody wants to see it out of New York, New Jersey. Every time we play against each other, it’s always a game. He gave us 40, I gave him 40, back-and-forth. That’s just part of where we grew up.”
Chatting with Brian Scalabrine during our “Classic Celtics” broadcast of his C’s vs. Michael Jordan’s Bulls in 1997, which will air Sunday at 7 p.m., Antoine Walker shared his thoughts on Kemba taking his No. 8 and commended him for reaching out for permission. “It is interesting, and sometimes it’s weird,” Walker told Brian Scalabrine. “But one thing I can say — and I didn’t know Kemba Walker, obviously I had seen him play a ton of times — for him to reach out to me on social media and ask for my blessings to wear the number was special to me. Because it’s been worn by several players after me. But to see that made me feel good. Maybe he felt the connection with the last name.
“But He’s a basketball guy and we since then have been able to talk and communicate and become somewhat friends. So i’m excited that he’s getting the opportunity. If there’s one player you want to wear it, he’s the guy.” It’s clear Kemba made a lasting impression on Antoine with that gesture. He’s also likely made a positive impression with his performance during his first season in Boston, as he’s averaged 21.2 points and 4.9 assists in 50 games. With Kemba at the helm, the C’s held a 43-21 record and were cruising into the playoffs before the NBA season was put on hold.
Amid increasing concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus, the NBA asked teams on Friday to begin developing processes and identifying actions required if they have to play games without fans in attendance, limiting attendees to only what is deemed “essential staff,” according to a memo obtained by ESPN. The memo said that members of the media and other typical attendees, in addition to fans, also could be absent from the arenas during games. Boston Celtics guard Kemba Walker said he hoped it didn’t come to that point. “That would be terrible,” he said. “That would be boring. They might as well cancel the whole game before that. That would suck. But at the end of the day, it is getting serious. I don’t know. It would be very weird though for sure.”
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