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Kenneth Faried
Kenneth Faried
Position: -
Born: 11/19/89
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:227 lbs. / 103.4 kg.
Earnings: $56,898,674 ($69,349,891*)

Kenneth Faried eyes NBA comeback: 'I'm ready, I'm focused, I'm locked in'

Kenneth Faried: “Hopefully being in this great city of Mexico City and being on this team, Capitanes, the experience and the minutes I’ve been getting, I can continue to showcase to the NBA that I’m ready for whatever team wants to hopefully pick me up. Like I said, I’m ready, I’m focused, I’m locked in, I’m a better vet, a better person, a better leader and I don’t even need to be a leader. I can be quiet and sit back and just follow whoever the leader is.”
What would you tell NBA teams right now about the sort of role you could provide for them on a rebuilding squad (like Rockets) or a contender (like Nuggets)? Kenneth Faried: More so a team for the Rockets, I’d show these young guys, “Hey, we got to come in here and play hard every day, because this could be your last game.” You never know, especially with this NBA. If you’re not coming here, playing hard, practicing hard, focusing on getting better every day, and trying to win games and continue to build, then instantly you’ll be traded or kicked out of the league in general.
Kenneth Faried: With a team like the Nuggets, it would be like “Hey, y’all know what you’re doing already. I’ve been here and we know what we could do. Let’s just keep doing what we’re doing.” I’m gonna just follow suit and play off of Joker [Nikola Jokic] and be setting screens for Jamal [Murray].  Instead of me being as shy, I can be more like, “Hey, pass me the ball, or come here, I’m gonna set this screen for you.” I already dived on the floor and did everything then like…I really don’t know, it’s just got to happen for me. I was there, and on the court, and I was always a fan favorite. When I step out there, I’m gonna get the fans involved. I’m gonna get my teammates involved. I’m gonna get the energy heightened. I just love playing the game.