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Kenyon Martin
Kenyon Martin
Position: -
Born: 12/30/77
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:233 lbs. / 106.1 kg.
Earnings: $113,431,519 ($142,278,078*)
You played with Carmelo Anthony in Denver and New York. He recently sat down with Stephen A. Smith and talked about how he still loves the game and wants to play in the NBA again. How was Carmelo as a teammate and do you think he can still help an NBA team? Kenyon Martin: My experience with Melo was cool because I understand Melo. I understand basketball, I understand people and I understand situations, so my with Melo experience was fine. Can he still help an NBA team? Of course. It’s unfortunate that he’s in the situation that he’s in. Him sitting down with Stephen A. Smith? Oh well, it is what it is. I wouldn’t have done it, but it is what it is. He definitely deserves a spot in the NBA. I do think “farewell tours” are f*cking overrated. He wants to play the game of basketball. That’s what it should be about.
Do you have any interest in coaching at the NBA or collegiate level at some point? Kenyon Martin: Yeah, maybe one day. One day soon, hopefully. I’d in scouting or working in a front office too. Coaching has been fun. I know the game well and while the game has changed a bit, I still think I can provide valuable input and help guys develop. That’s what it’s all about: helping the game along. If you don’t do that, you cheated the game. I was once told that and I agree; it’s my obligation to help the game grow. I don’t know what level I’d coach at next, but getting started here in the Big3 has been great.
You also played for the New York Knicks later in your career. What do you think the Knicks need to do to attract a star player going forward? Kenyon Martin: What don’t they need to do? If I knew , I’d go play the lottery. There’s a laundry list of things, but there’s been one common denominator in this whole thing: James Dolan. There’s a reason things keep happening within that organization. It starts at the top. He’s picking the GMs and presidents and then they pick the coach, and it’s the wrong people in place. Hopefully, they got it together with Fiz (David Fizdale) being there and with them drafting RJ Barrett. It seems like they’re moving in the right direction. From afar, it seems like Dolan is being less hands-on and letting the basketball guys do their job.
How difficult is it when you’re on a team and the owner is holding the franchise back? Is that something players notice and get upset about? Kenyon Martin: Yeah, look at my situation in New Jersey. It was solely the owner . It was a group, but one guy had majority ownership (Bruce Ratner) and he had the final say. He cost the Nets a championship, I believe. They’ve could’ve had Jason Kidd, myself and others for a very long time. Who knows what could’ve happened ? Ownership definitely plays a role. If you have an owner like Steve Ballmer and Mark Cuban, who are willing to open their checkbook and put the organization’s success first and spend whatever is necessary to win, that’s huge too. The owner plays a role both ways, good or bad.