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Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant
Position: F
Born: 09/29/88
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:230 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Salary: $42,018,900
Among the expected coaching staff changes in Brooklyn, league sources say, is the likely departure of director of player development Adam Harrington, who has worked closely for years with Nets star Kevin Durant. The Nets hired Harrington three summers before signing Durant and Kyrie Irving in July 2019 and his exit would certainly be classified as unexpected given such longstanding ties to the Nets’ best player. Enclosed is a 2014 piece I wrote on Harrington studying Dirk Nowitzki’s training techniques after playing alongside Nowitzki and Nets coach Steve Nash in Dallas and then incorporating them in Durant’s workout routines when they were together in Oklahoma City.
More importantly, Durant did raise the topic that even to this day, there are people serving serious time in prison for selling marijuana. That fact has become even more absurd as businesses all over the country make immense revenue from selling the product. Durant’s message and candid admission about being high during the interview itself are just two more signs of how much things have changed in recent years. It will be interesting to see how much more he discusses his involvement in the blossoming marijuana industry going forward.