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Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett
Position: -
Born: 05/19/76
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:237 lbs. / 107.5 kg.
Earnings: $343,862,398 ($448,647,933*)
The “Culture Nets” are now the “Talent and Ego Nets.” Sure, it’s a new regime, but Brooklyn is once again going all-in. And it’s really championship or bust in the Durant-Irving-Harden Era. Similarly, in many ways, to the Kevin Garnett-Paul Pierce blockbuster in 2013. “They did it again,” the source said. “But these guys are younger and have a lot more gas in the tank. It’s a big deal. It’s a heckuva deal. Granted, you’ve got all the picks involved and a rookie coach.”
Kevin Harlan and Tom Hanneman are as ingrained in Timberwolves lore as any player outside of Kevin Garnett. They worked together on the radio and on television, teaming with former players including Kevin McHale and Trent Tucker to bring a unique mixture of analysis, color and comedic timing that elevated what otherwise would have been mundane calls of blowout loss after blowout loss. Regular playing of archived calls from Bill Beek, Hanneman’s fictitious play-by-play man for the 1946 Toronto Huskies; call-ins during the halftime show from made-up listeners in rural Minnesota with Harlan and Hanneman disguising their voices by holding their hands over their microphones; one-liners on the air, on the team plane, everywhere in what was the wild, wild west of Timberwolves history.
Rubio isn’t an icon on the level of Kevin Garnett, who returned to a thunderous welcome when he was acquired in a trade from Brooklyn in 2015. But Rubio has always shared a special bond with Timberwolves fans, the imperfect fan base and the imperfect player linked arm-in-arm ever since he arrived from Spain in 2011, and even after he left in a trade in 2017. “I think for three years straight at ‘Parks and Rec’ my Secret Santa gift was a Ricky Rubio jersey,” said Joe Mande, the comedian, actor and writer for NBC’s “Parks and Rec” and “The Good Place,” among other projects. “They just knew that, ‘I got Joe, I know what I’m going to get him.’”
From those early days at ‘CCO alongside Mark Rosen at the state high school hockey tournament through the wild, wild west of radio with Harlan to play-by-play on television in the franchise’s heyday with Kevin Garnett and into the latter stages of his career as the closest thing to Cronkite that the slapstick Minnesota sports scene deserves, Hanneman built up an unmatched level of trust with viewers, listeners and subjects he covered.
According to Ray Allen on “The Posecast,” Kevin Garnett and Joakim Noah had this exchange after KG scored on him: Noah: “Big fella, that was a great move. I need you to teach me that.” KG: “Man, get off my di*k.” Face with tears of joy