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Kevin Huerter
Kevin Huerter
Position: G
Born: 08/27/98
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $4,253,357

Kevin Huerter on potential extension: I'm not worried about that yet

SI: You’re extension eligible heading into next season. How much do you think about how, for lack of a better phrase, this is money time for NBA players who are eligible for new contracts? And your production in these playoffs has been hard to ignore. Do you think about the contract at all, or you just locked in on what you’re trying to do on a day-to-day basis? KH: No, it’s one of those things I know it’s, you know that’s the type of stuff that happens end of the summer going into next year. I mean, there’s so much that can happen in the NBA and the biggest thing they say in the NBA is everybody has short-term memory. Most of the time they remember the last thing you did. So we still have this series to go. Hopefully, we have another series after this where we got to still put on and compete and play at a high level. So for me, I’m not worried about that yet.
SI: What do you remember most about that Game 7 in Philadelphia? The Hawks don’t come close to winning without your 27 points. Kevin Huerter: Just everybody’s resiliency. It was over the course of that whole series. We had a lot of guys banged up. I think there will be more that come out after this season after this story is out. But there’s guys banged up that, we’re going into that game after dropping Game 6, after the improbable comeback, we needed something really good to happen to be able to come out with a win. And everybody stayed focused. People came together.
Kevin Huerter: Obviously, it was my turn to step up. When you make your first four shots … I think I started off that game hot and that really got me going. I had teammates in the locker room at halftime, literally just telling me ‘you gotta keep shooting.’ We talk about aggressiveness all the time but they’re like ‘you need to get X amount of shots up this game.’ And you’re hearing that from your teammates, guys who have been around a lot, it gives you a lot of confidence. And, I don’t know, just the way we came together in that game, to come in there against a lot of odds, against a really good team, number one in the East, and to win that game everyone wanted to use to win that game, obviously, that’s been the highlight of this run.