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Kevin Knox
Kevin Knox
Position: F
Born: 08/11/99
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:215 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $4,380,120
Even Knicks wing Kevin Knox, who played for Calipari at Kentucky during the 2017-2018 season, doesn’t think Calipari would leave Kentucky for New York or the NBA. “When Cal says he’s not going to do something, he’s pretty solid he’s not going to do it,” Knox told reporters when asked. “I think he’s came out with multiple reports saying he didn’t want to do it. Cal loves Kentucky. He runs that state, the fans love him there. He’s got the basketball program on lock there, so I don’t think he will leave that opportunity to keep helping kids get to the NBA.”

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Shams Charania on the Knicks’ pursuit of D’Angelo Russell: “As I reported this morning, the Knicks are another team that has engaged the Warriors in the last few days on D’Angelo Russell, trying to put together a package of expiring players, young players and picks. But none of their [offered] picks include their own first-rounders, which are going to be lucrative draft picks. One player that I am told they have included in talks is Kevin Knox, which is interesting – his inclusion in these potential deals. For a team like the Knicks that were in position to go after D’Angelo Russell in the summer.
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Shams Charania: “I had heard there was interest from him in playing in New York after playing for the Nets and they didn’t do that. So now, they’re trying to put together a package of, potentially, Kevin Knox and Bobby Portis and different players like that and maybe throw in a draft pick. I don’t think that has shown any appeal to the Warriors and I haven’t gotten the sense that the Knicks would add Mitchell Robinson either, and that’s a player who I think would appeal to any team in the league. With both scenarios, with Minnesota and New York, there are hurdles but these teams have until Thursday to figure out who will bend between now and then.”