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Kevon Looney
Kevon Looney
Position: F
Born: 02/06/96
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:222 lbs. / 100.7 kg.
Salary: $4,464,286
“The coaching staff’s voice can get kind of tired sometimes,” center Kevon Looney says. “They want the best for us, but when you hear it from a player, [there is] more accountability … He wasn’t a guy who was highly touted as a superstar like maybe a KD or a Steph or even a Klay. He was a guy that was a role player that made himself into an All-Star, into one of the best players in the league, so having him as a role model means a lot more. He’s been in our shoes, he knows what we’re feeling.”
Six months later, in that same building, Looney received a DNP, coach’s decision on Wednesday night. Eleven Warriors played, including three centers, two rookies and a two-way contract guy. But Looney didn’t. Despite being active and available, he logged zero minutes. “It’s hard to play 12 guys,” Kerr said. “And Looney is struggling to get his game back right now.”
“It’s really difficult,” Kerr said of Looney, who has played more power forward this season, trying to adjust to a new roster while getting back into game shape. “Loon, at the end of last year, was our best center. … For him to come back, deal with his own health issues, and then come back and not have any of the pieces around him that he was used to last year, it’s very, very different. “But this has been a difficult season for everybody. We all have to fight our own individual battles, whatever those circumstances entail.”