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Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant
Position: -
Born: 08/23/78
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Earnings: $328,237,108 ($400,241,994*)
There are a couple possible reasons for the delay. The first is obviously coronavirus. We talked before about the delays and pushbacks we’d see in production with factories in China being shut down over the virus. Some of those are up and running again, though, so this might not be the case. The second is Nike still might not know what direction they want to go in with Kobe’s line — especially since resellers gobbled it up. Coming up with a strategy for the future of the line is imperative.
During Bryant’s final game with the Los Angeles Lakers, which was on April 13, 2016, he scored 60 points. He ended his farewell speech to fans with a now infamous sign-off: “Mamba out,” referring to his nickname “Black Mamba.” As Bryant walked off the court, a fan grabbed the Body Armor towel off his shoulders. The fan who originally acquired the towel sold it in a different auction in 2016 for $8,365.00.
“So that game when we playing against Kobe, I was begging our medical staff to play in that game,” recounts Irving. “Kobe had 42 points that game and he guaranteed that he was gonna give us 40. So I get it at the top of the key, I hear the crowd and the crowd was like; they;re all erupting silently. They’re like: ‘oh!!’ and everybody starts clapping like: ‘oh yeah!’ and it[s at the top of the key. Now what does that remind you of? Back in the city, back in Jersey, when you get in that moment, this is your time. So I get at the top of the key and I make a move, he stutters for a minute and I spin. When I spun, this dude was waiting for that and he punched that shit. He punched it, he punched it bro.”
Irving then broke down what made the Black Mamba’s game and his life special: “Kobe was the essence of seeing somebody there who you couldn’t believe was so smooth and so sharp and sound and fundamental,” said Irving. “My dad used to pause the games and he used to have me sit there and rewatch Kobe’s footwork and I used to sit back time after time in my computer room and watch Youtube highlights of Kobe and just highlights of him for hours.”