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Kristaps Porzingis
Kristaps Porzingis
Position: F-C
Born: 08/02/95
Height: 7-3 / 2.21
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $5,697,054
Hall of Fame finalist Tim Hardaway Sr. realizes his son likely would still be a Knick if Kristaps Porzingis had wanted part of David Fizdale’s program. The Jan. 29 trade left his son “disappointed’’ and the father surprised the 7-foot-3 Latvian didn’t want to play for Fizdale, whom Hardaway Sr. had known in Miami. While joining a new venture that allows kids to practice their dribbling inside the house with no sound, Hardaway Sr. finally weighed in on the Knicks’ blockbuster. The trade marked the second time the Knicks had dealt his son in three-and-a-half years.
“I don’t understand that (Porzingis) situation,’’ Hardaway told The Post on the day he launched the product with two 25-year-old entrepreneurial Knicks fans. “I don’t know what happened in the (Porzingis) meeting in there. The whole thing was just funky. It was something there that the vibe wasn’t cool. Sometimes that’s the way it is. Look at Kawhi Leonard. He was in the best situation in San Antonio. Everyone thought he was in the best situation in San Antonio and then something happens and the vibe changed.’’
The constant losing had not yet gotten to Hardaway Jr., who had signed a four-year $71 million deal in 2017. The shooting guard thought their fortunes would change with Porzingis. “He was disappointed, he was disappointed,’’ Hardaway Sr. said. “He wanted to win there. He wanted to get them in the playoffs (once Porzingis got back) and see where they could go. He wanted the playoffs and have the fans cheering them in the playoffs, but there was the injury. He wasn’t disappointed about moving as much as he was disappointed he couldn’t finish what he was trying to start.’’