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Kwame Brown
Kwame Brown
Position: -
Born: 03/10/82
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:248 lbs. / 112.5 kg.
Earnings: $64,227,908 ($93,632,331*)
In a recent YouTube post from his own channel, Kwame Brown Bust Life, the former first overall pick absolutely went off on Wade for his daughter’s actions: “I don’t think you level up as a man,” Brown said. “You are letting your woman control your house. You played this thing called basketball. This is a game. Kobe Bryant’s children are not honoring him by wearing a dress. Kobe Bryant’s wife is not honoring him by wearing a dress. I don’t think nobody else is honoring Kobe Bryant by wearing a dress. Kobe Bryant was a masculine man.”
When you’re the most famous franchise in the NBA led by the the face of the league in LeBron James, the criticism will come from all directions – including ex-Laker Kwame Brown. The former first overall pick called out LeBron James for various reasons, including supposedly trying to be too much like Stephen Curry and relying too much on the deep shot. “You’re not gonna win coming off screens shooting threes all day long,” said Brown. “It ain’t working yet.”
“I know if I was a big man on that team I would just run up and down, foul, and get the hell up out of there. Because they know they’re not wanted. They know y’all not using them the right way. If I could be a fly on that wall in that locker room I know them people sitting around like ‘this is some bullsh*t.’” Dwight Howard, poor Dwight Howard. He come off the bench cold as I don’t know what. Dude been rolling, getting layups all day and then you expect a 30-plus-year-old man to come off the bench after sitting that long ready to go and play some defense. Yeah good luck with that.”
Retired former Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas took aim at ex-teammate Kwame Brown in a lengthy rant on Thursday. Arenas threatened to expose Brown, claiming that he had an unflattering 54-minute video of Brown at his disposal. “I have 54 minutes of who u were as a wizard,” wrote Arenas, tagging Brown in the post. “nothing but truth supported by facts and articles. so let’s not do this anymore OKAY? Bra you were booed by EVERY CITY u played for, how are u gonna win an internet battle with me ? Them fans nicknamed u ‘boo boo brown’ becuz [SIC] u played like some s— and u want SMOKE with me? not 1 minute of this video is about u off the court. just yo [SIC] h– a– tendencies on the court” (profanity edited by LBS).
Etan Thomas: I didn’t want to touch on any of this. I even tweeted that I was going to mind my business on this. However, since Kwame Brown posted that first video on his IG account (plus additional videos on IG Live and his YouTube page “Bust Life”), there have been multiple media outlets that have reached out to me to inquire if I would come on their show. They want me to get in the middle of what was going on with Kwame and Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, and my answer has consistently been an adamant, “No.” I told them that they were not going to use me to fan the flames of this beef. When I first caught wind of it, I immediately tweeted that I hated seeing good Brothas beef to this level over something that could’ve (and should’ve) been fixed with a phone call, and I still stand by that.
Etan Thomas: I also have a lot of respect for all of them. I am still amazed at all of the work that Stephen Jackson has done around the world after George Floyd was murdered. I’ve interviewed both Stak and Matt for my show, “The Rematch,” and for my new book on white supremacy and police brutality that I’m currently putting the finishing touches on (shout out to Haymarket Books). Kwame and I have been friends since we were teammates with the Washington Wizards for four seasons, so I have always been in his corner. I immediately ordered some shirts from his clothing line for me and my son. (We got “Momma’s Cooking” and “My Momma’s Son” shirts).