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Kyle Guy
Kyle Guy
Position: G
Born: 08/11/97
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:174 lbs. / 78.9 kg.
Salary: $79,568
The expanded group includes Toronto’s Kyle Lowry, Milwaukee’s Donte DiVincenzo, Detroit’s Tim Frazier, and two more recent Virginia players, Kyle Guy and De’Andre Hunter. They’ve even recruited their college coach, Tony Bennett, as the Hoops2o Head Coach. Through social media and initiatives and in-person events like a meet-and-greet Harris and Temple did earlier this year, they generate contributions toward the goal. “Each guy they have a goal where they, to build a well, it costs $45,000 and each guy their fund-raising goal is 45K,” said Harris. “Everybody sets out to raise 45 individually, and then you get five wells. We raised over a quarter of a million dollars last year. You hold different fundraisers, different events just to help raise money and awareness, and then we all contribute ourselves as well.”
Kyle Guy: I am basically unemployed for three more months. So as soon as I got drafted, obviously, we were excited, blah blah blah, and then we started figuring out when I’d go out [to Sacramento]. But then I started realizing, me and my wife, we need some money. We still have to pay for the wedding and our rental car out in Sacramento, Airbnb and all this stuff—that was not easy. Also, she was getting ready to go to law school, so she did some babysitting for some money and then I did Cameo. I’m doing this VIP VR thing, which is kind of like Cameo but it’s a FaceTime for one minute. So they can ask me whatever they want for one minute. I signed up for three sessions of that and then a couple other endorsements like this. You know what Fathead is? The big posters. Yeah. Guy: So there’s something similar to that called Home Stadium, and basically it’s like your whole wall would be a football stadium or a football field or a basketball arena or whatever you want it to be. I’m doing stuff with them. Just anything that can help me get by. Cameo is actually the most steady kind of income that I have, and obviously, most NBA players sign a deal with Panini, which is a trading card company, so I’m getting paid that way as well.