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Kyle Guy
Position: G
Born: 08/11/97
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:170 lbs. / 77.1 kg.
Salary: $79,568
Just a few days prior, Kyle Guy signed a two-way deal with the Sacramento Kings, who drafted him with the 55th pick in this year’s NBA draft. Second-round picks don’t automatically receive guaranteed money, so signing any contract is a big deal. But, as Guy notes, he won’t get paid—last season, a two-way salary ranged from $77,000 to a maximum of $506,000—until November, when the season begins. “I’m as broke as I was before,” he tells me while tearing into a gourmet bread stick that was compliments of the chef. “People think you get drafted, and they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re rich. You’re a millionaire,’” Guy continues. “I don’t have money.”
There haven’t been any panic attacks in over a year, and that makes Guy smile. His sophomore year at Virginia feels far away now, but he still remembers the chills and the cold sweats, how his throat would tighten and his body would sometimes ache. It happened at practice. It happened on dates. It happened when he would least expect it. “You just feel like you just want to shut down,” Guy says. “Even if you’re in the most comfortable position, or situation, or environment, if it happens, I have to remove myself from the environment.”
Storyline: Mental Health
Guy, meanwhile, has been trying to scrape together some spending money since he decided to go pro. “I’m not Zion. I’m not getting hundreds of millions of dollars to do shoe deals,” he says. “So I’m taking anything that can help me get by.” First, Guy signed up for Cameo—the service that allows actors, athletes, and YouTubers to send personalized video messages to fans for a price—as soon as he committed to the draft. He promoted it to Virginia fans first, and he’s now looped in Kings fans too. He originally charged $50 per video but now charges $60. As of July 22, he had done 91 videos, which amounts to around $5,000.