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Kyle Korver
Kyle Korver
Position: F
Born: 03/17/81
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:212 lbs. / 96.2 kg.
Salary: $6,004,753
You have a one-year deal with the Bucks. Are people asking about your future? Kyle Korver: It’s a year-by-year thing. There are so many factors that go in to it now. You want to go out on your own terms. You don’t want to go out because your body quit on you or because you broke down and can’t play anymore. And that all sounds really good, but it’s another thing to say, “this is it” — to make that choice. Because that is a thing. This is something you’ve done your whole life. But I have young kids; it’s not like I’m going to stop playing basketball and think my glory days are done. I’m excited about the rest of my life.
You told me last year that you felt better physically than you did at the start of your career, in large part because you knew how to take better care of your body. Is that still the case? Kyle Korver: I think you measure a lot of it based on pain: Do you hurt as much as you hurt last year? When you get out of bed in the morning, or when you first step onto the court for practice and take a couple of shots: How much do I hurt right now? You have this pain tracker in your head. But, yeah, I think I’m about the same as I was last year, and maybe even better because I was a little beat up toward the end of last year. But the challenge, as you get older, is that there’s more responsibility in life. You’ve got kids and you’ve got to be a dad and you’ve got to wrestle and tickle and play games and all that stuff. You don’t get to sleep until 10 o’clock anymore.
You’ve been a part of some really good teams. Do the Bucks share any similarities to those teams? Kyle Korver: I do think every team is unique. But I feel like this team is more like the Bulls teams that I was on. There are a lot of similarities between Giannis and Derrick [Rose] in that they both just love the game and love to work, and they’re gym rats who accept coaching. They’re just, ‘Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it as hard as I can to the best of my ability.’ There’s a humility to them both, and that sets the tone for the rest of the team.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Cleveland and Utah have worked together on three trades since February of 2018, including that trade deadline three-way with Kings that included Jae Crowder and Rodney Hood. Jazz acquired Kyle Korver for Alec Burks and two second-round picks last November. The Jazz will send Cleveland a 2022 (via San Antonio) and 2023 (via Golden State) second-round picks, sources said.