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Landry Shamet
Landry Shamet
Position: G
Born: 03/13/97
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:180 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Salary: $1,997,640
A lot of people are saying that you guys are the best team on paper and there are championship expectations. Landry Shamet: There should be championship expectations. There is no reason to think anything else. I kind of felt the expectations immediately, we’re going all-in right now. This is what we’re doing. Knowing that I’ve been starting, assuming that’s still the case, I take that really seriously. Starting on the best team on paper? I take it seriously. I felt the weight of it really quickly, for sure. I’m just excited to get acclimated with that group of guys, move forward and try to accomplish as much as we can.
Everyone is talking about how amazing this team can be defensively. How can that help you and what do you expect on that end? Landry Shamet: your confidence, defensively. Knowing not only do you have other guys securing their matchups, but you know they are heady and have good IQ and if you do make a mistake, you have guys behind you who are good at making up for those mistakes. I think it will allow Pat, especially, to be more aggressive than he already is. You’ll see guys probably gambling a little bit more, knowing the group of defenders behind us. We’ll be able to throw multiple matchups at a guy. If he is having his way with Pat, well okay, here is Paul. If he’s having his way with Paul, okay, well here’s Kawhi. Going down the line, we can really wear guys out. The idea of being able to throw these different matchups at these big-time scorers . Whoever is guarding them isn’t going to get worn down. We’re going to have different options there. It’s exciting to be able to switch every guy.
What are your offseason plans? What aspects of your game are you working to develop? Landry Shamet: Just everything. I was a point guard in college; people forget that. Being able to re-work that back into my game . I play off the ball a lot, but I want to be a threat off the bounce and off my catches, off pin-downs, dribble handoffs where I can get downhill and create ball screens, and just being more aggressive in transition. Stuff like that, offensively. Obviously, I’ll work on my body and continue to get stronger. Overall, I’m just continuing to be an all-around player, which I’ve always prided myself on; doing everything well. I’m not just a shooter. I’m not just a shooting guard. I play both positions. I can do anything a coach needs me to do. That’s what I pride myself on, so I’ve been working on rounding out the rest of my game that maybe wasn’t showcased as much this year because I was in a different role.
In his first year in the NBA, Shamet experienced the exhilaration of betting on himself by leaving early and being drafted in the first round, earning a spot in the rotation for a title contender, then being blindsided by a trade in the middle of the season. “I learned really fast about what the business side of the NBA was like,” Shamet said. “I’m glad in hindsight it did all happen when it did this early in my career. Moving forward I don’t feel like there’s anything that’s going to hit me that I don’t know how to handle.”