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Langston Galloway
Langston Galloway
Position: G
Born: 12/09/91
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:202 lbs. / 91.6 kg.
Salary: $7,333,333
“I’ve seen a couple of guys tear ACLs in front of me, but not something that extensive to where you could hear the injury happening,” Pistons guard Langston Galloway told The Athletic. Galloway was on the Pistons’ bench when Roberson suffered the injury. “That’s the first time I’d seen or heard something like that. “He tries to plant and all I remember was … I heard like a pop and I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was somebody behind me. I didn’t know what happened.”
Prince agreed to the task, but wanted to provide full transparency: He was not yet a certified personal trainer. Everything he had done to that point was side work to help out friends. For Galloway, Prince wanted to make sure everything was handled properly. Galloway came back to Prince with another proposition. “He told me that he needed to step his game up and get certified, so I told him that we should do it together,” Galloway, 28, told The Athletic. “I really hadn’t planned on entering this space, but once I looked into it, I saw that it wasn’t that bad. “I like to help out my friends and grow together. We can’t do it individually. With the quarantine going on, and me having a little time on my hands, I thought this would be great trying to knock out. I already have three clients.”
The league spent $3.75 billion on player salaries this year, and a replacement-level player would command the veteran’s minimum of $1,618,520. Work backward and overall, a player who was 1 point per 100 possessions above replacement level (say, Landry Shamet or Langston Galloway) was worth $3,183 more than the minimum for every minute he played. Such a player playing 1,000 minutes over the course of the season was worth just less than $5 million. The most valuable player based on this was (duh) Giannis Antetokounmpo, whose production this year was worth $63.75 million in my methodology. I didn’t use negative values for players — the vast majority of the most terrible players are rookies or developmental players who are holding down roster spots for future purposes. For the curious, the two least valuable by this metric were both 20-year-old guards — Cleveland’s Darius Garland and Portland’s Anfernee Simons.
Langston Galloway. Contract status: Free agent after the season. Odds he returns: 50 percent. Analysis: Galloway’s shooting was a bit inconsistent during the first two years of a three-year, $21 million contract he signed in 2017. However, this season, he was as consistent as anyone on the roster. Galloway was the only Piston to appear in every game, was arguably the team’s second-best on-ball defender and shot 39.9 percent from 3 on a career-high five attempts per game. Furthermore, Galloway improved as a finisher around the rim. This season, 11 percent of his shot attempts came within 0-3 feet from the basket, and while that’s not an eye-popping percentage by any means, it’s the most of Galloway’s career. He converted on a solid 67.8 percent of those attempts.
Storyline: Langston Galloway Free Agency
Casey loves Galloway and his professionalism, and while Detroit is in a rebuilding phase, keeping a veteran like Galloway around would have its benefits. If it were up to Casey, I think Galloway would come back on a new deal. The front office could go another direction, but there’s no question Galloway is welcome inside the organization.
Langston Galloway: Galloway is a 39.7 percent 3-point shooter who tries on defense and is on an expiring deal. All signs point to him being on the trade block, even though the 28-year-old is valued in Detroit as an ultimate professional. The 76ers have expressed some interest, per a source. I don’t think Galloway would bring the same return in a trade as Reggie Bullock did last year (Detroit got Svi Mykhailiuk and a 2021 second-round draft pick), but I could see the Pistons earning a second-round pick for him.
Aside from Galloway’s production this season, he also has an expiring contract, which is valuable. According to one league source, there is a top team in the Eastern Conference that is potentially interested in Galloway’s services. If the Pistons remain in the playoff hunt and remain adamant on chasing one of the final seeds, Galloway seems unlikely to go anywhere before the deadline — though a late first-round pick might be too enticing. However, if the Pistons pivot, Galloway could still be traded for an asset.
“(Poor shooting) didn’t affect our game tonight. Defensively, it was a lack of effort tonight; it was embarrassing,” said guard Langston Galloway, who had 13 points. “We have to step it up and take it to another level. We have to be better. “We have to come out with better effort and better starts in the first quarter and third quarter. We have to find our way out of this; we’re in a deep hole.”
All season long, Galloway’s sneakers have produced conversations at the free-throw line. And Saturday’s victory over the Heat, with time for his kicks to be more intently examined, was no different. “Derrick Jones looked down and was like, ‘Bro, those are tough. You have some heat on,’” Galloway said. “I was like, ‘Yeah, I got to do it.’ He was telling me he liked the shoes. It’s always cool when people acknowledge your shoes. “Eventually, that’ll become a thing because of the NBA’s lifted rules. Guys will be talking about shoes more during free throws.”
Galloway is one of the more well-respected sneakerheads in the NBA. His collection now includes about 1,000 pairs and is split up between his suburban Detroit residence and hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Galloway’s imprint in the sneaker community helped him earn a shoe deal with startup shoe company Q4 almost two years ago. The company provides the silhouettes as a canvas for his creative freedom. The logo is always visible. Every animated concept is generated by Galloway, a suggestion derived from the 10-year-old version of himself that still resides somewhere in his brain. From there, Galloway then relays his ideas to the two people he’s trusted in resurrecting his boyhood, Minnesota artists Salvatore Marcum, 26, known online as “MPLS Customs,” and Andrew Lewis, 32, better known as “ANDR3WTL.” Galloway was introduced to the shoe-based illustrators through hometown friend and WNBA star Seimone Augustus, who has played for the Minnesota Lynx since 2006.
Storyline: Sneaker Deals
The Pistons (13-13) brushed off questions of the officials possibly missing a crucial call as they lost their sixth straight. The players said they never considered the officials might wave off the basket. “We were just on to the next play, trying to figure out how much time was going to be left, what we could draw up to either tie it up or try to win the game,” Galloway said.