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Larry Nance Jr
Larry Nance Jr
Position: F
Born: 01/01/93
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:230 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Salary: $2,272,390
When Kuzma went to Charlotte for All-Star Weekend to participate in the NBA’s Rising Stars Challenge, he sought an audience with Pelinka. Kuzma and his people came away from their chat feeling reassured, a source close to the situation told The Athletic. Pelinka told the second-year forward that he was key to the Lakers’ future and that, unless it was a trade for one of the game’s three best players, he wasn’t trading him. A year earlier, Larry Nance Jr. approached Pelinka with a similar question. Nance Jr. and his fiancée, his college girlfriend, were interested in buying a house. He wanted to get a sense of whether the Lakers planned on keeping him around, and Pelinka told him that the Lakers would only trade him if it meant landing one of the game’s three best players. He told him to buy the house, multiple sources confirmed.
“I think he’d be great for the future, but, I don’t even know if he wants it,” Love said. “He knows that I have his back and I think a lot of the guys have his back.” Nance said: “I think we’ve made pretty awesome strides and I think everyone would kind of agree with that, that we’ve made awesome strides. I’m a Larry Drew fan.” And Sexton: “He’s done a tremendous job with us.” The Cavs’ front office would agree. This team, with a massive amount of injuries and a roster that is sure to change dramatically over the next two years, hung together and improved under Drew. He’ll surely be thanked for his efforts, and, he’ll receive the buyout he publicly shamed the organization into giving him when Tyronn Lue was fired and Drew was named his replacement.