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Larry Sanders
Larry Sanders
Position: -
Born: 11/21/88
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Earnings: $38,577,822 ($47,758,426*)

Larry Sanders felt like a "product" during his time in the NBA

Former NBA player Larry Sanders says that he often felt like a “product” during his time in the league as he grappled with the anxiety that came with his career as an athlete. In a recent episode of No Chill with Gilbert Arenas, Sanders, 33, recounted his early days in basketball, and how he struggled to adapt to the rigid standards and requirements that came with playing pro.
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“It was helping,” he said of the marijuana. “My most consistent year of smoking weed and playing was when I averaged three blocks and a double-double.” But in 2015, Sanders was suspended for 10 games after multiple failed drug tests, according to USA Today. “It was like, ‘I know what’s good for me. I know these alternatives that you all are offering me are going to put me in a weaker position in the long term,’ ” Sanders said of the NBA’s alternative suggestions of anxiety treatment, which he didn’t specify. The athlete added, “I knew what helped and what worked. It always came down to legalities.”
While Sanders is doing well as an entrepreneur and businessman, he very much has the desire to return to the NBA — but the league’s policies on marijuana have to change in order for that to happen. “I feel like the stage is kind of being set,” Sanders believes. “The NBA is becoming more open-minded with their marijuana policy. Whether they’re going to test or not. Whether they’ll have guys in the drug program or not. I don’t know if people know how much of a factor that is for me.”
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“My agent at the time, Dan Fegan, calls me and says, ‘There’s nothing we can do. You have to come back. You have to at least show up to practice. If you don’t, they’re going to sue you, they’re going to come after your contract, they’re going to take everything you’ve got,’” reveals Sanders. “I hung up the phone. I called them an hour later and said, ‘I’m retired from the NBA. But I’m doing it for free. I don’t want any money. Schedule a press conference so that when I get back after All-Star break in Milwaukee, I can let everyone know why I retired for free,’” says Sanders. “They call me back within 15 minutes and we have a deal. $15 million to just not come back type of thing. It was a rough way out,” Sanders says.