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Latrell Sprewell
Latrell Sprewell
Position: -
Born: 09/08/70
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Earnings: $97,060,000 ($144,546,092*)
“This is some real s—,” Klempner says as he continues to rifle through the foot-high stack, flinging contracts and letters signed by the likes of George Gervin, Larry Bird and LeBron James. Some papers have historical significance: docs connected to the league’s first collective bargaining agreement, salary cap and drug program, plus records from lockouts and lawsuits past. A manila folder emerges with a JOHNSON MAGIC sticker attached. Other pieces veer towards esoterica. There is a stack of signatures from players who came together to protest the changing of the regulation basketball in 2006. A collection of 1990s Knicks stars—Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Latrell Sprewell—signed a sheet to verify they’d received 1099s. On top of it is a hot pink sticky note, addressed to Klempner and signed by Chris Dudley, who wrote, “Didn’t realize I still had these… Hope it didn’t cause too much of a problem.”
For Jordan, poking his head back into basketball, even for just a moment, was about delivering a message, both to his adversaries and himself. He needed to know how he stacked up before formally attempting a return. “He wanted to go after the best, youngest player he thought could be better than him,” Mullin said of Sprewell. “And he (Jordan) put it to rest that day.”
He gave them a blow-by-blow of the first training camp practice for Pat Riley (with the Knicks), when Mason and McDaniel went at it in a full-blown fight, like five minutes into the first practice. And he told them about Sprewell — the whole choking incident with P.J. Carlesimo – and joked, “I’m sure he wanted to choke me some days as well.”
Childs made similar sentiments recently, calling Sprewell “a pawn,” in the long-standing feud. As for King, he told Oakley his wife wanted to go to a game, and that was why he was in attendance that night. Oakley hasn’t forgiven him. “I wanted to smack Bernard. Serious,” he said. “I lost so much respect for him. I can’t even speak to him.”
Two days after Oakley was arrested and dragged out of the Garden in February of 2017, Dolan famously invited several former players — including Latrell Sprewell — to attend a game. It was a transparent attempt to show Dolan had support despite the Oakley fiasco. One of the players in attendance, Vin Baker, told the Huffington Post at the time that Dolan “called me sounding really sad asking me if I would come sit with him. Hadn’t spoke to him in 15 years.” Lee, however, was clearly supporting Oakley. He wore a #34 Oakley jersey at his courtside seat and criticized Dolan for calling his friend an alcoholic.