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Lauri Markkanen
Lauri Markkanen
Position: F-C
Born: 05/22/97
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
Salary: $5,300,400
I think given that the new regime likely is viewing 2020-21 as a see-what-we’ve-got season, it’s more likely than not that no extension is reached. Then, you negotiate again in 2021 depending on how Markkanen fared. This strategy cost the Bulls a lot of money in the Jimmy Butler scenario. But it’s a good problem to have if a player with current question marks blossoms into a star — like Butler did and like Karnisovas hopes Markkanen can.
This is a tough one to predict. I wouldn’t say Markkanen’s value is at an all-time low because he’s still valued around the league, albeit with reservations. But, yes, coming off a season where his production dropped, his injury history continued and his usage mystified, this will be a tough negotiation. If you’re the Bulls, you obviously try to negotiate from a hard-line stance to keep the books as clean as possible without alienating his camp. Luckily, Karnisovas and Markkanen’s agent have a strong relationship, but that doesn’t guarantee anything except cordiality during negotiations. And Markkanen remains under the Bulls’ rights as a restricted free agent in 2021 if no extension is reached, albeit one with roughly a $20 million cap hold.
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I think given that the new regime likely is viewing 2020-21 as a see-what-we’ve-got season, it’s more likely than not that no extension is reached. Then, you negotiate again in 2021 depending on how Markkanen fared. This strategy cost the Bulls a lot of money in the Jimmy Butler scenario. But it’s a good problem to have if a player with current question marks blossoms into a star — like Butler did and like Karnisovas hopes Markkanen can. With a new leader in the front office, what changes do
Regardless of the culprit of Markkanen’s woes, if the Bulls’ rebuild is to get back on track, their second cornerstone must rebound in Year 4 and beyond. New general manager Marc Eversley has pledged to “learn more about” the reasons behind Markkanen’s struggles in pursuit of that mission. Arturas Karnisovas did the same in an end-of-season conference call with reporters Saturday, adding that he’s personally spoken to Markkanen, who remained in the Chicago area throughout the NBA’s hiatus, on multiple occasions. The fruits of those conversations appear to be positive thus far, with hunger to improve a theme.
“We’ve spoken to Lauri numerous times. He’s been very patient, stayed in the market. His family is now with him,” Karnisovas said. “I spoke to him about last year. He’s eager to get back to the gym and improve. He was disappointed by the overall result (last season). Every player wants to win. He’s about winning, as well. Our objective is to get the best version of Lauri next year. We agreed in conversations that this is our objective, and we’re going to try to do it.”
Also worth adding to the to-do list could be hammering out a long-term extension with Markkanen, who is eligible for one when the offseason officially strikes. Karnisovas didn’t address that dynamic with reporters, instead impressing the importance of getting under the same roof and laying the foundation for a strong personal relationship with Markkanen before jumping to any conclusions. “I’ll look forward to meeting him face-to-face. Before accountability, I have to have a personal relationship with him,” Karnisovas said.

Lauri Markkanen: I want to stay in Chicago

Markkanen is contract eligible this offseason, but considering he had a down year to go with a lowered salary cap due to COVID-19, it would be unlikely him and the Bulls come to an agreement. He still has one year left on his rookie deal before becoming a restricted free agent, however Markkanen did make it clear about his love for Chicago. “I want to stay in Chicago and sign an extension (with the Bulls), no question. I love this city.”
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When asked about his lack of involvement in the offense this season, Markkanen told Seppänen “I had 80 touches per game the past two seasons, this season the touches dropped to 40. Don’t get me wrong, I had some plays drawn with me in mind, but it’s just different. When I spoke with Jim [Boylen], we talked about how I should concentrate on getting rebounds and then leading the fast break. But it’s just really hard getting 40 defensive rebounds.”
“[Phil] saw stronger, smaller players with lower gravity get underneath him, move him out,’’ Rosen said. “Porzingis had little body strength, no knee strength, sloppy footwork.” Jackson’s trade plan was met icily by fans, media and Dolan, who fired him after the draft. “He could’ve gotten three starters [including Lauri Markkanen],’’ Rosen said. “Phil turned out to be right. They traded him [in 2019] and got nothing.”
What do you think is the future for Lauri Markkanen and the Bulls? – Alfonso M., via Twitter. We’re going to find out how he’s valued by the current regime soon enough. Once the NBA calendar is established, he’s eligible for an extension of his rookie contract during the offseason. Given that the Bulls traded Jimmy Butler in part for him, you can bet his representation will be asking for a lot. Given that he regressed through an injury-riddled and usage-challenged season last year, you can bet the new regime will try to sign him to a reasonable contract. Karnisovas and Eversley are well respected throughout the agency community. This includes a strong relationship with Markkanen’s agent. That should make for cordial negotiations. Whether they’re fruitful or not remains to be seen. If no extension is reached, the Bulls would still own his rights as a restricted free agent if they extend him a qualifying offer (the value of which is impossible to project until we know the exact ramifications the league’s stoppage will have on the CBA).
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It would make sense if Karnisovas wanted to evaluate Markkanen before making any rash decisions. But the deadline to agree with Markkanen on a rookie scale extension looms, and Karnisovas doesn’t exactly have a stockpile of assets with which to improve the roster. Markkanen remains the biggest trade chip. Unlike Paxson and Forman, who traded Butler for Markkanen, Karnisovas has no need to save face. He could try to rebuild Markkanen. But he has no reason to be hindered by optics. If Karnisovas believes Markannen just isn’t it, this offseason could really get interesting.
Storyline: Lauri Markkanen Trade?
“I’m definitely feeling a lot better,” Carter said as the freshmen and sophomores prepared for practice. Continuously doing therapy. I want to be back the next game. That’s what I’m shooting for right now. I don’t know if that’s going to happen; that’s definitely what I’m shooting for.” The Bulls are hoping that Carter as well as Otto Porter Jr. and Lauri Markkanen will return to play during the next week or two and the Bulls can take a shot and make one final push for that long discussed playoff goal for this season. Carter still believes it’s possible despite the season of setbacks and disappointments. Plus, Carter said after a shaky start he’s on board with coach Jim Boylen.
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John Paxson responded to speculation that Lauri Markkanen is not happy in Chicago. The truth is, everyone on the team is probably disgruntled with the Bulls’ 19-33 record heading into Thursday. “Lauri, we believe in at a high level and we view him as a cornerstone player,” Paxson said. “It’s our responsibility to help him become the type of player we believe he can be. We’ve had direct communication with him, with his agent … we’ve never been told Lauri doesn’t want to be here.”
I’ve heard no trade rumors surrounding Markkanen. I do think, whether he’s being misused or not, this season raises legitimate questions on whether his ceiling is as high as the Bulls projected. That said, I completely agree he’s not this ineffective and he’d be better served if he’s on the move more. I know coaches have talked to him about cutting forcefully in halfcourt sets and running the wings hard in transition. But, yes, the fact this offense largely eschews midrange looks or postups has affected Markkanen.

Clippers interested in Thaddeus Young, Kris Dunn

Lauri Markkanen looks like a guy that needs a change of scenery, but the Bulls would be too paranoid to give up on a talent like that. That leaves Young and Kris Dunn, and that’s about it. Sources have indicated that the Los Angeles Clippers have interest in both, but they could go after Young in a trade, and wait for Dunn, who is a restricted free agent this summer. Either way, not a lot of chips for the Bulls to push into the middle.
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“We are playing faster than last year and my rookie year, so it’s good that people actually have fresh legs,” Markkanen said. “We’re trying to get out in transition on offense and we need to get back on defense. I think I’m in good shape and can play at that level. But it is a faster system.” In a nod to this, Boylen consistently has used a 10-player rotation this season, sometimes even stretching it to 11. Before Markkanen’s illness, Boylen had still gone 10 players deep, but lowered the minutes of some of the back-end rotational players.
That’s the opposite of what the Bulls seem to have. Their bench contributed to 41 points in the fourth quarter Friday to add some intrigue, but the game seemed to be decided out of the gate when the Heat jumped out with a 15-0 run. It was so bad that Boylen pulled guard Zach LaVine just 3½ minutes into the game. “I thought he needed to come in and think about it,” Boylen said. “He had three egregious defensive mistakes. .?.?. Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen and our starters have to play better. That’s how it works.”