Lonzo Ball Rumors

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Lonzo Ball
Position: G
Born: 10/27/97
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $8,719,320
Redick wraps up the section relating to the Pelicans by talking about the limitless ceiling of Zion Williamson. He also gives props to Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball for starting to think the game — the most important area of development for players because it can lead to greatness. “It’s All-NBA, All-Star, Hall of Fame. That’s his ceiling. The thing with Zion is that he is naturally — obviously athletic — but naturally skilled. So when he sort of learns how to play the NBA game, and think the NBA game, he’s going to dominate. He does it naturally, without even really putting in the thought and the preparation that we all learned. Like I didn’t do this either when I was 19. It’s a process. Dude, this guy in year five, in year six? Like what are we looking at right now?
“I saw that this year with B.I. — Brandon. B.I., in his fourth year, and Lonzo, in his third year, and you could see that development where they’re thinking the game. They’re learning like ‘oh, this is where my advantage is. I can get away with this almost every night. Let me keep going to that.’ As much as we talk about skill development, that’s where really great players, that’s where the development happens is in thinking the game. That’s what makes one of our teammates, Chris {Paul}, so great. That’s why he can play at the level he can at 35 as an undersized point guard. It’s because he’s so smart and he thinks the game.”
His older brother Lonzo was a former No. 2 pick and is now with the Pelicans. LaMelo said his brother has given him some tips on life in the NBA. “He gives me a lot of little hinters, it’s hard to break it down to just one,” he said. Asked why he feels he should be the No. 1 overall pick ahead of players like Georgia’s Anthony Edwards and Memphis’ James Wiseman, Ball said, “Talent, work ethic, all of the stuff like that…”