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Loren Woods
Loren Woods
Position: -
Born: 06/21/78
Height: 7-2 / 2.18
Weight:259 lbs. / 117.9 kg.
Earnings: $3,468,931 ($5,025,710*)
Is it safe? How will an American be treated? How will the heavy government influence affect his life? Will he be able to get in and out of the country when he wants? And will he be able to communicate with his family and friends? The answers turned out to be all positive and, other than a few hassles, Woods said he left Iran thinking positively about it. “I knew the situation would be somewhat difficult with all the political things that were going on, but it panned out and actually ended up being one of better experiences of my professional career,” said Woods, who also has played extensively in Europe. “When you just read about it or see it on TV, you can’t picture it, but once you get there, it’s a pretty normal place to be.”