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Luke Kennard
Luke Kennard
Position: F
Born: 06/24/96
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:196 lbs. / 88.9 kg.
Salary: $5,273,826
The incentives are fairly easily reached too: He gets $620,454 by playing either 66 games or 1,772 minutes (pro-rated if the league doesn’t play an 82-game season) and another $477,273 for playing in the first round of the playoffs. That’s an extra $1.1 million per year right there, so you can pretty much count this as a $60 million deal. The games and minutes floors represent a bit of a hedge against his knee issues (although a well-placed spy tells me these concerns have been overblown), but the fact is that his base salary was already on the high side.
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