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Marc Gasol
Marc Gasol
Position: C
Born: 01/29/85
Height: 7-1 / 2.16
Weight:265 lbs. / 120.5 kg.
Salary: $24,119,025
But the team’s 131-117 win over the Hawks was a happy reminder of how much fun Grizzlies basketball can be. “It was a must-win, no question,” said center Marc Gasol, who is about the last guy to call the second game of the season a must-win. “We needed this, as a city, as a team, as an organization,” said point guard Mike Conley. “For our fans to give themselves something to believe in, to stand behind.”
He’s also added lots of spinach to his diet, not a vegetable he likes. Spinach helps boost tendons, so Conley is eating that and a few other items to keep himself healthy. Still, he’s not quite at the level of Gasol, who likes to grow some of his own vegetables in Memphis. “Hopefully all those things together will lead to like how I feel now,” Conley said. “I feel great and continue to feel great regardless of back to back or however many games we’re playing.”