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Marcin Gortat
Marcin Gortat
Position: C
Born: 02/17/84
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
Salary: $12,782,609
Instead of banking on inexpensive free agents the Wizards can get active in the trade market. Gortat enters the final year of his contract and understands how that can hold value. “I know how the league goes. Management is going to make the right decision for the future of the team,” Gortat said about potentially being traded. “If something’s happening, I want to be informed. I don’t want to read this little headline on the bottom of ESPN, ‘Gortat gets traded,’ and I’m finding out from TV. I would like to know that from my agent.”
It should be noted that many players who come to the N.B.A. from abroad are fluent in multiple languages, including English. Serge Ibaka, a Congolese-born power forward who plays for the Toronto Raptors, recently had a news conference where he answered consecutive questions in English, French and Spanish. Marcin Gortat, a forward from Poland who plays for the Washington Wizards, said that if he were to curse at an official — and he does not condone the practice — he would do it in English, almost as a matter of courtesy. “That’s how tough you are, that you’ve got to curse the referee in a different language? Just tell him in English,” said Gortat, who once argued that the league should allow hockey-style fistfights among players. “Be a man about it. Get mad, tell him what you think and pay for it. That’s it.”
Wall thinks the Wizards need to more weapons around him and All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal. “Just got to add some pieces,” he said. “A lot, to be honest. There’s a lot that we can use… I think it’s pretty obvious. I don’t need to point it out. I think the way the league is going, you need athletic bigs, you need scoring off the bench, you need all of those types of things. We don’t really have an athletic big. I mean, Ian [Mahinmi] is older. [Marcin Gortat] is older. They’re not athletic guys, but they do the little things that permit their game to help as much as possible.”
Marcin Gortat said any speculation about friction between him and John Wall or internally with the team was “nonsense.” “We are definitely on the same page, we had great chemistry toward the end of the year,” Gortat said. “Stuff that came out in the middle of the season was mostly created unfortunately by you guys, by a lot of people that has no clue of what is going on with the team. Whatever stuff that came out about me and John, it is all nonsense and stuff that is unnecessary… we did talk about a lot of things and we have no issues. I mean [supposedly] having all those issues and the next game he passes me the ball eight times and I give him eight assists and I have eight buckets? I mean come on, if I were pissed at somebody, I wouldn’t probably pass him the ball. We are good. Are we best friends and like the greatest friends? Probably not. But I am not best friends with probably half of the team over there.”
2 months ago via ESPN
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