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Marcus Smart
Marcus Smart
Position: G
Born: 03/06/94
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:227 lbs. / 103 kg.
Salary: $12,553,571
Enter Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart, who used a video conference with reporters Tuesday to urge the league’s younger players to take the coronavirus seriously even if they don’t experience any symptoms. “It’s really concerning because unfortunately, those (asymptomatic cases) are the ones that (are) the problem,” Smart said. “Because you go out there and you’re asymptomatic, you don’t know it and you go to your Grandma or you have a kid and go home to your kid, your wife, she’s pregnant, you never know. “You don’t know because you don’t feel anything, so you’re like, ‘I don’t need to get tested. I feel fine.’ Then you’re spreading it and now it’s everywhere and it’s out of control even more than what it is.”
As Maxwell proudly watched Celtics such as Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Enes Kanter, and Vincent Poirier join in peaceful demonstrations, using their social media channels to rev up support in real time, he wondered what life might have been like if he had had access to similar platforms. “To have my voice heard,” he said. “For me to have gone someplace and been a popular athlete and said, ‘There is a beach in South Carolina which is segregated, and they put a chain-link fence in the water and you have to swim all the way out to go around?’ I was thinking as a little boy like, ‘Damn, was the water different? If you went past this area, what would happen?’ But I’d love to go back, and I’d love to be like these guys.”
It was a worrisome time for the Celtics, who were put into self-quarantine when they arrived back to Boston from their trip to Milwaukee, but they had all the confidence in the world that Smart would beat COVID-19. He is, after all, Marcus Smart, Boston’s defensive bulldog who doesn’t back down from anything. “Marcus is just a great guy with a huge heart. I think COVID took a look at him and said ‘to heck with it,’” Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck joked during an interview with WBZ-TV’s Dan Roche. “He’s so strong. Not to make a joke of it, but we’re glad he’s back and he’s fine. Everyone is working out and shooting baskets and hopefully we can unlock basketball soon enough.”
“Grant, I accept your project frontline challenge. Our healthcare workers are true heroes and I’m thankful for what they’re doing to keep us safe. To thank them I am donating [by] delivering meals to New England Baptist Hospital in Boston,” Langford said in a post on Twitter, before challenging another of his teammates to follow suit. “To continue our efforts to feed thousands of healthcare workers Marcus Smart, I nominate you, you’re up next.”
Marcus Smary: My @YGC_Foundation is donating over 425 meals to Boston & area frontiine hospital workers. U can help! Go to & donate. Til May 16 100% of proceeds go to our workers. Me & my support team got some more surprises that I’ll post here in a bit! Stay tuned.

Jayson Tatum is luckier than most people nowadays. When he was potentially exposed to COVID-19, the Boston Celtics found their way to test him and the rest of the team. Since returning from Milwaukee, where the team was scheduled to face the Bucks when the NBA shut down, Tatum has been holed up in his house. “It was scary when (Marcus) Smart found out that he had it and he didn’t have any symptoms,” Smart told Jeff Goodman on the latest episode of the Good N’ Plenty podcast. “So it was like ‘wow, any of us could have it at this point.’”
Marcus Smart is the lone member of the Celtics whose test came back positive, but according to Stevens, he has shown no symptoms. Smart announced he had the coronavirus on March 19. “I’m just happy that when he tested positive he continued to experience no symptoms and has felt great ever since,″ said Stevens. “We landed from Milwaukee 15 days ago now and he’s been feeling good. I’ve checked in with him as everybody else has very regularly. I’ve seen him on conference calls a few times.
Stevens said he and the rest of the Celtics have continued to check in on Smart and that the player feels good. Stevens added that he was proud of Smart for announcing his positive test and spreading the word to people to be smart and self-isolate to try to slow the spread of the disease. “Obviously this thing spreads very quickly, and doesn’t need as much contact as obviously you get when you’re in the middle of a basketball game,” Stevens said. “I’m just happy that when he tested positive he continued to experience no symptoms and has felt great ever since.
“We landed from Milwaukee 15 days ago now, and he’s been feeling good. I’ve checked in with him as everybody else has, very regularly. I’ve seen him on conference calls a few times and he seems to be doing really well. “I’m proud of how he kinda took the initiative to tell people that he had it and that he felt good and that he got online and just continued to ask people to practice social distancing and self-isolation right now. It’s a really unique, unsettling time for everyone.”
Before much time passed, the Twitter followers for Lane and his blog, Celtics Sentinel, joined in on his mission. So did complete strangers. They repeatedly sent the message to Celtics players, hoping at least one of them would find Carson’s story and respond. Smart did first. After losing his own mother, Camellia, to cancer two years ago, he could sympathize with Carson. “I know the feeling of losing a mom,” Smart said. “He’s a lot younger than I was. I was already older, so for me, it was a little more comprehendible. I can only imagine what he’s thinking, what’s going through his mind. He’s a little kid. He misses his mom. So for me, losing a loved one, especially a mother, sits home with you.”
Marrcus Smart: I was tested 5 days ago and the results came back tonight, which were positive. Ive been self quarantined since the test, thank goodness. COVID-19 must be taken w the highest of seriousness. I know it’s a #1 priority for our nations health experts, & we must get more testing ASAP