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Mario Hezonja
Mario Hezonja
Position: -
Born: 02/25/95
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:201 lbs. / 91.2 kg.
Earnings: $21,943,796 ($88,792*)

Mario Hezonja on Saras Jasikevicius and Zeljko Obradovic coaching in NBA: 'They'd get punched in second practice'

“It’s very high tempo. It’s very physical. People want to win here. It doesn’t matter how you look, how many you score, how many you rebound, how many you pass. Just win. It was a learning experience and I’m very thankful I had Xavi there.” Asked about whether any of the European coaches, Zeljko Obradovic or Sarunas Jasikevicius for example, could become NBA head coaches at some time, Mario was clear: “They’d get punched on the second practice, and they’d get fired right after that.”
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Hezonja proved to be different and he made it big. At age 17 FC Barcelona swooped in and the teenage rising star received a new level of basketball education from Coach Xavi Pascual. “European basketball is very different. I think you learn every single detail here and every single detail matters. The game, as soon as it starts, is [about] winning. Only winning matters,” Hezonja said.
“Long story short, I said I don’t want to do this anymore,” Hezonja recalled. “Initially I said I’m gonna have a whole year for myself. I want to get my groove, just basically all the passion back. Because it was draining and I felt like the person it’s impossible to drain it, but of course, when a lot of BS is happening and a lot of negativity, even the biggest ones get drained. So it was unfortunate, but I went back at it. And then, the call from PAO.”
When the last time Mario Hezonja was traded, he didn’t even know about it. Since September 1st, 2020, he has been at his home. He went on for digital detox, getting off his phone for two months. He was tired of changing 18 million teams every year. If it was up to him, he preferred to finish his career with one team, Orlando, where he had a house and was ready to give the Magic his entire career. But that constant change every year got him frustrated. After the NBA bubble, he went through a challenging period of his life. “I was done. After the bubble, I called my sister, and I said: pick me up before I rubbed over there,” Hezonja revealed on the Urbonus podcast.
He got the last brick in Portland, being around stars like Damian Lillard, Carmelo Anthony, CJ McCollum, the former head coach Terry Stotts, and the GM Neil Olshey. Portland made the NBA playoffs for eight consecutive seasons. For the first time, Hezonja played in a winning organization. “It was amazing there. I believe Dame is one of the best, if not the best, leaders out there in the league. I was looking at Dame very closely. And I was so happy that they brought Melo, even if he played in front of me. But I really didn’t care. When he practiced, I literally stared at him. I was so annoying. I was calling him for dinners, lunch. I think he hates me, honestly,” Hezonja laughs. “But I was always with Dame, always keeping an eye on those Hall of Fame type of players. I learned so much from them.”