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Mark Madsen
Mark Madsen
Position: -
Born: 01/28/76
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Earnings: $15,788,725 ($23,232,573*)
Then, he was greeted by a man who has to be the best superstar teammate in the history of professional sports. First, Shaquille O’Neal escorted the rookie on a spree. “He took me car shopping,” Madsen recalled. “He literally said to me, ‘I’m putting the down payment on whatever car you want.’ I told him I wouldn’t let him, but he negotiated a great deal for me on a Chevy Tahoe.” The next stop was clothing shopping at a big-and-tall store in Beverly Hills, where O’Neal unloaded $2,500 on jeans and Italian sweaters.
When the Lakers flew from city to city, Shaq made certain to ask most of the flight attendants, “Are you Mormon?” Once, while walking through the team’s offices, Madsen was approached by an employee who was young and single. “The most interesting thing happened last night,” she told him. “I’m sitting in a restaurant in Redondo Beach and Shaq was in there asking some of the girls if they were Mormon because if they were, he wanted to set them up with you.”
A commonly-held belief amongst fans was that James saw the young Lakers not as future teammates but as trade assets. Madsen shot down that belief in his interview but also noted that the young Lakers needed to move past the trade rumors. “I don’t believe that LeBron was scheming to get certain people out of there. I don’t. I don’t believe that that’s what happened. But of course there were efforts made to get AD, and as part of the business side of this profession, different names were discussed. But apart from a five- or 10-day period when that was happening, I think that ultimately guys have to get over it. Guys have to get over it because it’s a reality of this profession.”
Madsen, 43, has been a recognizable fixture on the West’s basketball landscape for years, including as a member of two Lakers championship teams and later as an assistant coach under Byron Scott and Luke Walton. Madsen brings a coaching career that has included six seasons on the Lakers staff, a year as the Lakers G League head coach and a season as a college assistant at his alma mater, Stanford. Madsen replaces Mark Pope at Utah Valley, which is a member of the Western Athletic Conference. Pope was hired at Brigham Young after a 25-win season at Utah Valley.
4 years ago via ESPN