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Markieff Morris
Markieff Morris
Position: F
Born: 09/02/89
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:245 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Salary: $2,331,593
It wasn’t easy for Markieff Morris to watch an NBA game at Staples Center just days removed from his Los Angeles Lakers’ repeat title hopes coming to an end. But with brotherly love stronger than pride, he was on hand to see his twin brother, Marcus Morris Sr., nail seven 3-pointers on Sunday and play a key role in keeping the LA Clippers’ season alive.
Enter Markieff Morris, who yelled words of encouragement while sitting on the baseline in the first quarter of Game 7. The twins also talked before the third quarter. Soon after, Marcus Morris went on to a historic 3-point shooting night at a much-needed time for the Clippers. “I told him to be ready to shoot. Be mobile,” Markieff Morris said. “You see, he hit seven 3s.”
The 31-year-old Morris twins are extremely close and even have the same tattoos. During one point in the game, Markieff Morris seemed to speak to his brother with just a look. “He’s watching it from a basketball mind and showing me stuff, telling me to slow down,” Marcus Morris said. “Just little things that he see during the game, and you know, obviously it helps. He’s always coaching me. We’ve been doing that since we were kids, so I wouldn’t expect anything less. … “He can talk to me with his mask on and I know what he talking about. So it’s just, you know, we’ve had that forever.”
Markieff sat near the baseline. He closely analyzed the Mavericks’ defensive approach. During a stoppage in play, as both teams were lined up around the free-throw line, he delivered a message to his brother. “Dallas was slacking off the shooters yesterday trying to clog the paint,” Markieff told FOX Sports. “I just told him, ‘Be ready.'”