Marvin Bagley Rumors

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Bleacher Report: It’s the question on everyone’s mind. Why Puma? Marvin Bagley III: I chose Puma because I wanted to be different. I saw an opportunity where I could come in and build from the jump and work to get to a certain level. I saw myself doing that. They have some real nice stuff. I’m very excited about it, and I can’t wait to get to know everybody, keep working with everybody and keep improving.
B/R: What kind of legacy do you want to create within basketball and sneaker culture by creating your own lane and signing with Puma? Bagley: I think that’s big for me, personally. I love stuff like that—just being different, not being a follower and just being a leader any way I can. I remember when Lonzo and LaVar Ball first came out with Big Baller Brand and Lonzo’s shoe, then LaMelo’s shoe, everybody was bashing them for it and talking down on them for it. I kind of respected it, because it was different and it wasn’t what everybody was doing. They were trying to do something good for Lonzo and the rest of the family. I just think being different is a big thing for me, and that’s my motto. Be different. I had a vision, and I’m just trying to follow the vision and put as much as I can to it.
B/R: What can we expect from you and Puma? Is there a certain attitude or demeanor you want to display? Bagley: I want to show people that Puma is a big brand. It’s a stylish brand. I’ve seen a lot of different stuff, and I think that we can work together and create a lot of different things. Everybody throws ideas in, and we can create. I think that’s the main thing is to create and let people know that we’re serious about it, and everybody will eventually gravitate toward it. That’s the goal, to make sure everybody knows that we’re here and it’s going to be a long ride. It’s going to be a fun ride as well.