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Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes
Position: -
Born: 03/09/80
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:226 lbs. / 102.5 kg.
Earnings: $35,300,232 ($39,557,569*)
“To get Kobe’s respect was darn near impossible,” said Hollins. “We could count on one hand the number of teammates that Kobe respected. Trevor Ariza was a guy who Kobe respected. Ronny Turiaf, Lamar Odom, Pau…I remember one time I was on the Clippers and Kobe spun off Matt Barnes and went to the hole. I get over early, I slide over two feet and get my hands straight in the air perfectly, and I go to stop Kobe. Kobe jumps into me, throws the ball up, and the referee calls a foul on me. I was in perfect position. Mamba comes down after the foul is called and gives me a slap on the butt as if to say, ‘good job kid, you were there, but I’m Kobe.’ That was a big moment and I was happy.”
Last week, Barnes joined our own “The Rematch” with Etan Thomas to talk about his life after basketball. The pair discussed a number of topics, including his off-court endeavors, his involvement on social-justice issues and, of course, what his life is like now that he’s part of the media. After being in the NBA for 14 seasons, it’s been a nice second career for Barnes. “As athletes, we always thought there was some sort of motive. There was a handful of people that you kind of trusted, but for the most part, you had to watch yourself with the media,” Barnes said. “That’s something Jack and I are trying to change, obviously. We’ve experienced pretty much everything that our guests have experienced and that gives us an easier intro and a different approach [to interviews], which allows most of our guests to really let their wall down and feel comfortable speaking to us.”
“I forgot the guy’s name, Phil something from the New York Post that just wrote a horrible article about me and Jack. Like, horrible. I’m just like, ‘You’re mad because you’ve been in this space for 30-plus years and, at the time, we hadn’t even done ‘All The Smoke’ for a year but our resume already far exceeded anything he’s ever done.’ To me, how I used that [criticism] for fuel as a player, I use that for fuel as media now. It’s crazy that we call ourselves media now. Because I never thought, me, media? You know what I mean? But I like seeing people like me, you, the Knuckleheads and all of these other former players that are in this space. We’ve always allowed other people to tell our stories. We’ve always just been the talent. [It’s always been], ‘You go score touchdowns or dunk or shoot threes or hit home runs or run [for] world records in track and let these white people tell our stories.’
Matt Barnes didn’t know it was Gasol who’d gotten Bryant to open up, but he sure as hell noticed when it started happening. “I remember one time, we were on a bus in Phoenix and I asked Kobe, ‘Why doesn’t the rest of the world get to see how cool you are, motherf—er?” said Barnes, who played with Bryant and Gasol from 2010 to ’12. “I literally asked him that question in front of everybody. And Kobe was like, ‘I can’t show these motherf—ers that.’ “I think that was a part of that whole Mamba mentality. But when you got him to put his guard down, or once you were able to penetrate the wall, you know, Kobe was cool as s—. But he had to let you see that side.”
Ask Barnes, and he will tell you it’s easy. He’s been uniquely groomed to be good at this. “I’ve been through so much it’s just relatable,” Barnes said. “There are no skeletons in my closet. My past is out there and people respect the way I’ve dealt with it. So they know when they talk to me that we’re going to talk about some real shit because I’ve never shown them anything but that.”
But Barnes said the experience of his ex-wife and the mother of his twin boys, Carter and Isaiah, being on the VH1 show Basketball Wives put him in a unique space. One that was even more Hollywood, even more hyper celebrity. “I owe a lot to, although I didn’t like it, when we did the reality TV thing,” Barnes said. “It was a crazy situation, but it put me in that other, I guess what would call, mainstream media. Or whatever kind of media reality TV is. I crossed over. I wasn’t necessarily a superstar, but I was still in that space and I learned how to maneuver in that space as well.”
Barnes revealed that he almost slapped the owner in front of his wife for talking behind his back when he left Phoenix. While Amar’e said Sarver told him he had guys that would replace him tomorrow during 2010 NBA Free Agency. (Via All The Smoke): Matt Barnes: “I got fined $25,000 for telling him to shut the f*** up before I smack the s*** out of him. I think it was right in front of his wife.”