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Maxi Kleber
Maxi Kleber
Position: F-C
Born: 01/29/92
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $1,378,242
Among the above, there are three players with non-guaranteed contracts: Maxi Kleber, Dorian FInney-Smith and Kyle Collinsworth. Kleber (who played 1,206 minutes last season) and Finney-Smith (who played 1,647 minutes the prior season before missing most of 2017-18 to injury) are fairly certain to be kept. It’s less certain, but entirely possible, that Collinsworth will be retained. For now, we’ve left him in the mix.
Tim MacMahon: Maxi Kleber had a spectacular, crunch-time dunk on the Lakers’ Julius Randle, but the Mavs’ rookie is willing to concede the best dunk of the night by a Wurzburg, Germany native to Dirk Nowitzki. “Dirk fought himself up there and got him one,” Kleber said. “It was pretty fun to watch. I mean, I think the whole bench jumped up and cheered. It was crazy, because it’s what we usually only see in warmups. Not even in practice – in warmups. He saves them for warmups. That’s when he’s loose. It was pretty big time, him dunking it.” It was the first dunk of the season for Nowitzki, a 20-year veteran. “I don’t get a lot of opportunities around the rim obviously. When Kyle [Collinsworth] made that drive and dished it to me, I said, ‘Now or never.’ I went up there and flushed it, and it felt good, I gotta say.”
5 months ago via ESPN
Do you have a relationship with him? Maxi Kleber: We text each other once in a while but we don’t have really a close friendship just because of the fact we’ve never played together. I wish I could have played with him on the National Team but I never got to do that. I’m really happy that I can play with him in Dallas, I can learn so much from him now. But yeah, I’m from Würzburg, he’s from Würzburg, so it’s going to be special, there’s going to be a good friendship. He’s the king of the city and can really walk outside when he visits and he was my hero when I was young. So are you going to be a little starstruck when you arrive in Dallas and he’s your teammate? Maxi Kleber: [Laughs] No, once I step on the court I forget everything. I just think in a way that he can really help me a lot and teach me a lot. I’m not going to be asking for his autograph while we practice.