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Michael Carter-Williams
Michael Carter-Williams
Position: G
Born: 10/10/91
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:175 lbs. / 79.4 kg.
Salary: $2,700,000
In 2013, the team first stationed the bell directly outside the tunnel it began using for pregame introductions. Instead of having players shuffle down the narrow corridor that leads directly from their locker room onto the court, the Sixers began introducing their starting lineup from the gaping entrance to the lower bowl VIP bar area. Like Clemson’s storied rock, the team instructed players to touch the bell en route to the floor. It was impossible to miss along the carpeted runway. But one player—who unfortunately shall remain nameless—refused to take part in the new ritual. After the expected-tankers shockingly began the season 3–0 behind Michael Carter-Williams, the entire roster refused to touch the bell out of superstition. “They defied us!” Heck said, laughing. “We were scratching our heads.”
Team officials cringed as Kidd repeatedly blamed the Bucks’ youth for their struggles—an assertion he repeated in mid-January, just days before his dismissal. “It was constantly, ‘Hey, it was the players’ fault—they’re not doing this, they’re not doing that, they’re too young,'” a Bucks source says. Sources both inside and outside the organization say Kidd had a tendency to fall in and out of love with players—e.g., demanding a trade for Michael Carter-Williams one day, burying him the next.
And for all of Van Gundy’s misfires since taking over the Pistons in 2014, Bullock has been a diamond in the rough, averaging nearly 13 points per game as a starter. “It’s not easy,” Van Gundy said at Wednesday’s practice. “It’s really crazy. It goes to the point of opportunity. People just develop at different rates.” To make his point, Van Gundy pointed to the 2013-14 All-NBA Rookie first team, the year Bullock entered the league. That was a squad that consisted of Michael Carter-Williams, Trey Burke, Victor Oladipo, Mason Plumlee and Tim Hardaway Jr. “I think you’d take (some) other guys over those first-team rookies,” Van Gundy said. “It just shows that people are in a rush to judge you, and it doesn’t always work that way. Now we’re five years in and it’s a different group of guys you’d rather have.”
Hornets guard Michael Carter-Williams has suffered a posterior labral tear in his left shoulder. The injury was confirmed after Carter-Williams underwent an MRI and was examined by Hornets team orthopedist Dr. Marc Cook of Novant Health. The injury occurred with 4:05 left in the second quarter of Charlotte’s game at Toronto on March 4. Carter-Williams will undergo surgery to address the injury and will miss the remainder of the season. Further updates on his status will be provided when appropriate.