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Michael Carter-Williams
Michael Carter-Williams
Position: -
Born: 10/10/91
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:184 lbs. / 83.5 kg.
Earnings: $22,880,202 ($27,276,116*)
When Players Only started last fall, it was billed as a unique NFT project, co-founded by Michael Carter-Williams, supported by other pro athletes, that would allow investors who bought its non-fungible tokens to interact with them in person and through the online community the project was building. But by this spring, the project had sputtered. Conversations on its Discord server — a voice, video and text digital platform, had slowed. An April AMA session centered on the project’s founders hearing out grievances from its NFT holders. A long backlog of giveaways built up.
The sudden changes came on the same day that The Athletic spoke to Carter-Williams, on June 9, about the project’s problems, and Players Only was already set to sunset. In that conversation, he denied any malevolent intentions; he said the project simply failed. “If there’s a mistake that I made, I’m willing to say that we made a mistake. This project was a failure. There are people that are owed things, that will receive what they are owed, and it took too long of a time. Yes, I agree. But I don’t deserve to be called a liar,” he said, referring to accusations made on the official Discord server. “I don’t deserve (for it to be said) that I stole people’s money. I don’t deserve that. People say that this project was a rug-pull; I put too much time and effort into this for that to be the consensus of it. And there’s too many people that were happy with the project for that to happen.  “I was the founder of this project and the people that were working with this project as well don’t deserve to be called that and have their image be tarnished like that.”
After a conversation with a reporter with The Athletic, he texted screenshots of tweets from holders expressing appreciation for the utilities they received, like a meet-up in Dallas with Carter-Williams, Ross and Harris.  “There was many people that were happy and the people that are not happy I do feel for you as well,” he said. “I’m not excusing that. There was mistakes that were made. This is definitely not what I envisioned. I wouldn’t say that this was a successful project. This is a project that did fail. In the past I’ve said this was a great experience because I’ve learned a lot from this project. But I empathize with those people that aren’t happy.”
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What have you thought of the season so far for the Magic? Cole Anthony: We all would’ve loved to win some more games, but we’re in a rebuild mode right now. I think that’s at least obvious. It’s just a matter of growing as a team and learning how to play with each other. We’ve got to have small victories. It may not be a win, but we have to look at if we got better in this aspect of the game, so we can ultimately end up winning more soon. If we do end up winning more games now, I don’t think anyone would complain about that. I just think we have to be realistic with ourselves and give it 125 percent every single night and try to win as many games as possible. We have a bunch of players injured. We had two guys coming into the season with Fultz and Isaac that are two of our best players who haven’t played a game yet. We’ve got Michael Carter-Williams and E’Twaun Moore out. Jalen Suggs has been out. Injuries haven’t been our friend.