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Michael Finley
Michael Finley
Position: -
Born: 03/06/73
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Earnings: $138,576,839 ($217,719,923*)
First, the ESPN report, which Mavericks governor Mark Cuban strongly refuted, telling ESPN that “Luka has never suggested, asked, demanded or discussed changes to the roster.” Cuban also said that Doncic has a good relationship with general manager Nico Harrison, and that they speak almost daily. This was Doncic’s reaction to the report: “Obviously, I know, the people who are next to me, who I talk to, they know that’s not true. I didn’t say nothing about that. I talk to Nico. I talk to Fin [assistant GM Michael Finley] more than I used to. But that’s just not the way I talk to them. We have great communication and that just stays between us.”

Mark Cuban concerned with Mavs' free-throw struggles: 'I told them to figure it out'

Mark Cuban says he has raised the free throw topic several times with president and general manager Nico Harrison, vice president of basketball operations Michael Finley and Kidd. “I told them to figure it out,” he said. “They know it’s an issue. It’s not like we don’t see the box scores. “It’s not something we ignore, that’s for damn sure. It’s not like, ‘Eh, it’ll all work out in the end.’ It’s something know we have to work on.”
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Dennis Schroeder, who remains an unsigned free agent, has helped host Germany to a surprising 3-0 start in the EuroBasket 2022, including wins over France and Bosnia and Herzegovina that enabled him to audition mere steps away from two high-profile courtside spectators from Dallas: Mavericks executives Nico Harrison and Michael Finley. League sources say that Dallas has indeed considered the addition of one more ballhandling veteran to its roster before the season starts while also believing there is a strong case to be made to leave its 15th and final full-fledged roster spot open for in-season flexibility.