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Michael Jordan
Position: -
Born: 02/17/63
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:216 lbs. / 98 kg.
Earnings: $86,760,000 ($143,710,650*)
A second medical clinic funded by six-time NBA champion and Charlotte Hornets majority owner Michael Jordan opened in the North Carolina city earlier this week. Three years after Jordan committed $7 million to Novant Health, two clinics are providing care to communities in Charlotte with little or no health care. “To see how this has evolved over the last year is to gratifying. It makes me want to continue doing more so that we can keep answering the bell when the bell is ringing,” Jordan said in a video about the clinic’s opening this week.
Earlier this week, basketball legend Michael Jordan officially opened his second medical clinic in North Carolina. Novant Health debuted its latest facility on Monday, one year after opening the first Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic. Both facilities were designed to serve underprivileged communities in the Charlotte area. They provide physical, dental, and behavioral health services to those who may not have access to health insurance.
“When you have great teammates, when you have a great teammate next to you, you are willing to take on any challenges and you feel like you can win any game. So you guys are my Scottie Pippen,” Jordan said to Novant Health leadership following the second clinic’s opening. “We’re going to keep winning, we’re going to keep winning, and we’re going to keep winning. Just let me know, and keep me informed.”
One of the most interesting responses from His Airness came nearly halfway through the interview, as he revealed why he never had an interest in coaching. “I have no patience for coaching. My biggest problem from a competitive standpoint is the focus of today’s athlete and the focus where I saw the game, how I pursued the game — it changes and it’s totally different. For me to ask an individual to focus on the game the way I played the game, in some ways would be unfair for that kid that would have to endure that. If he didn’t do it, there is no telling where my emotions would be. I don’t think I would have the patience for it. So in essence, coaching is something that I’ve never really felt I could do from an emotional standpoint because I’m much different and I have a different perception about things than what the kids do today.”
2 days ago via SLAM