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Mike Bibby
Mike Bibby
Position: -
Born: 05/13/78
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Earnings: $107,093,621 ($140,405,976*)
That 2002 Western Conference finals series was as close as it gets between two teams, right? Chris Webber: I’m not ashamed of losing to L.A. I know we did everything we could, and I’m appreciative as an athlete to have prepared myself for the moment. They had two Hall of Famers, Big Shot Bob (Robert Horry) and a Hall of Fame coach (Phil Jackson) who coached Jordan, and they barely could get by us. In a day that the league didn’t want small teams to win. Whatever it is, I’m proud that I battled and that the team that we lost to still has our scars at least in some areas because of my presence. Sports has no guarantees. I’m proud to battle with Doug Christie, Mike Bibby, Peja, Vlade, Bobby Jackson. I’m proud that I can look them in the eye because we gave our best effort.
To say that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban regrets letting Steve Nash walk away from the Mavs back in 2004 would be a complete understatement. So much so, that the billionaire still has one specific calendar note from nearly two decades ago that he’s refused to remove since that fateful day. Cuban recently opened up about how he continues to punish himself from what he considers to be the biggest regret he’s ever had as a team owner: “We made them what we thought was a great offer but Phoenix just came in and beat that offer,” Cuban said about the Mavs’ initial offer for Nash, via Etan Thomas of “I’ll never forget it because he just called me up and he goes ‘They just offered me more than Mike Bibby’. You know Bibby just got a new contract and I have in town this calendar on my office still in the arena that I refuse to move and it’s still there and it says ‘Nash = Mike Bibby money’. My biggest mistake ever. Nash hated me for a long time because of it.”
Former Phoenix Shadow Mountain basketball coach Mike Bibby hopes to be coaching in the NBA or in the G League next year. For now, he still has a passion to play. From July 19-29, he’ll take part in the pay-per-view The 5 Tournament Pro Basketball Invitational, leading Sacramento among the six teams of former pro players who will be playing 3-on-3. “It’s about competition, respecting the game,” Bibby said. “Just go out and respect the game. Whenever I get on the court, I want to win.
Bibby said he’s been working through a program to prepare himself for coaching in the NBA or the NBA G League next year. “There is so much stuff that you learn,” said Bibby, who led Shadow Mountain to four consecutive state basketball championships and five in his six years as the head coach. “You’re always learning new things. It’s very comprehensive. I’m really hoping I will be coaching in the NBA or maybe in the G League.”