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Mike Conley
Mike Conley
Position: G
Born: 10/11/87
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:185 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
Salary: $22,680,000

Mike Conley: 'I was waiting to get the phone call that I was going somewhere else'

After the organization dealt its prized guard (Donovan Mitchell) and rim protector (Rudy Gobert), Utah Jazz point guard Mike Conley expected to hear about the franchise making another significant move. “I was just like everybody else,” Conley said. “I was waiting to get the phone call that I was going somewhere else.”
Has the front office offered any more clarity to you since the season started? Mike Conley: It doesn’t change anything. From my perspective, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. Justin [Zanik] and Danny [Ainge] have been very transparent with everything. If something pops up, they’ll let me know. But right now, I’m just focusing on the team. I love it. It’s a great organization. Ryan [Smith] is great. Danny is great. Will Hardy has been awesome. So, we’ll see.
What explains the strong start? Mike Conley: The vibe around here has been a lot different than any team I’ve been on. We got such a deep team. We have guys that all have individual goals with wanting to prove the world wrong about them and how we all can improve. We all have this dog and grit about us. You put that together in a pot and mix it up, and you’re seeing what the result is. It’s been a lot of fun to be a part of it.
Jarred Vanderbilt didn’t mince words and didn’t try to beat around the bush. “Lauri Markkanen is an All-Star,” he wrote on Twitter. “That’s it.” Currently, Markkanen is ranked 7th in points per game (22.2) among frontcourt players in the Western Conference and is second in that group in field goal percentage (54.4%). The only player in the NBA with as many points per game and a higher effective field goal percentage than Markkanen (61.1%) is Stephen Curry (65.2%) The Jazz needed every bit of fight from Mike Conley on Friday night, they needed all of Malik Beasley’s 27 points off the bench, they needed every ounce of defense from Vanderbilt to eek out the 134-133 victory over Phoenix, and still, the team knew that Markkanen was the star of the show.