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Mike Miller
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Born: 02/19/80
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:218 lbs. / 98.9 kg.
Earnings: $99,376,913 ($119,844,245*)

Becky Hammon on Knicks' radar?

Those expected to be interviewed include potential front-runner Tom Thibodeau (due to his connection to Rose), Kenny Atkinson, Mike Woodson, interim head coach Mike Miller, 76ers assistant Ime Udoka, Bulls assistant Chris Fleming, and Magic assistant Pat Delany. Meanwhile, Spurs assistant Beckey Hammon was described to Begley by a source as “a name to keep an eye on.”
Mike Miller, the interim coach who acquitted himself well after taking over for Fizdale, will get a look. Kenny Atkinson will also be interviewed, according to The Athletic. Around the league, people have cautioned to never count out John Calipari, given the Kentucky coach’s strong connection to Rose’s associate, William Wesley. But the belief is that this is Thibodeau’s to lose, and a source said he’s confident about getting the job — to the point that Thibodeau has made calls to assemble a staff.
Mike Miller: The past two years have been amazing, and I have so many people to thank: Coach Hardaway for believing in me, all our players for their commitment , the University of Memphis and its incredible fans, my wonderful wife and kids, and the entire city of Memphis for everything you have done for me and my family. All of you made this opportunity possible for me, and I’m truly grateful. As much as I’ve loved this job and had a blast being part of the special program Coach is building, the past few months have made me realize that it’s time for me to spend more time focused on family and wherever the journey will take me next. I will find a way to stay in basketball and continue to make an impact on this city that I love so much! I will always be a TIGER. GTG!!

Knicks coaching search: Thibodeau the top candidate

The New York Knicks and president of basketball operations Leon Rose will soon embark on the search process for a new head coach and Tom Thibodeau is atop the list of targets, sources told The Athletic. The Knicks are believed to be targeting a decision in the next few weeks, sources said. Interim coach Mike Miller has left a strong impression throughout the franchise, including in his time since Rose assumed control of the front office. Miller is expected to receive an interview when the Knicks do start formally talking to prospective head coaches, according to league sources, after stabilizing the team following a 4-18 start that led to David Fizdale’s firing.
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The coronavirus pandemic, which forced the NBA to suspend its season, ruined that opportunity. Brazdeikis, the former Michigan star, is home in Toronto, working out at a private gym. He’s waiting to find out if his rookie season is done at just nine NBA games played — all brief, garbage-time opportunities. Neither David Fizdale nor Mike Miller gave him a chance as he came in with a reputation as a so-so defender. Brazdeikis averaged 1.9 points in six minutes, shooting 27 percent overall — 1 of 9 from the 3-point line.
Even with all of those unknowns, it’s worth noting that Miller has a relationship with former Knicks head coach Jeff Van Gundy. Miller was an assistant under Van Gundy with the Team USA World Cup qualifying team in 2018. Van Gundy has spoken glowingly of Miller. So it’s fair to presume that if Van Gundy were hired as the Knicks next head coach, Miller would be considered as an assistant on Van Gundy’s staff.

Knicks eyeing Jeff Van Gundy, Tom Thibodeau

Interim coach Mike Miller has won his share of Knicks’ fans by stabilizing the Knicks defense. He’s posted a three-game winning streak and a four-game winning streak that ended Sunday when the Knicks blew an eight-point overtime lead in Atlanta. Miller carries a 13-19 record entering the final game before the All-Star break Wednesday versus Orlando. If team president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry were coming back next season, Miller had a shot to return if his record got to be around .500. But Mills is gone, Perry may be demoted or fired and incoming president Leon Rose is prepared to make a flashy coaching hire after the season.
This rumor is part of a storyline: 84 more rumors
According to NBA insiders, ex-Knicks assistant Tom Thibodeau and former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy are expected on Rose’s short list. Neither Thibodeau nor Van Gundy have gained so much as an interview across the years. Owner James Dolan was said to hold a grudge against Van Gundy for quitting during the 2001-02 campaign.
Thibodeau is a Creative Artist Agency client and has worked with Rose, who will leave his position as head of CAA’s basketball department. According to a source, Van Gundy likes Rose and the feeling is mutual. Van Gundy and Thibodeau are still tight. Thibodeau was Van Gundy’s assistant during their Knicks days. “If Leon ever hired Jeff, the fans would love him,’’ one insider said.
Barrrett has had a strong stretch of games recently, the latest coming in Sunday’s win over the Heat. The No. 3 pick had 23 points, five rebounds, three assists and two steals. He hit 7 of 10 shot attempts and eight of 10 from the free-throw line. “He was so balanced. He scored the ball in different ways,” Miller said. “His command, his confidence level, just everything. He made the right plays consistently. They tried to trap him, he kept finding the open guy that led to the next pass. He was patient enough to know I beat the trap here, let him make the next pass. He made some really good basketball plays.”
If Porzingis had stuck with the Knicks, Mike Miller would be his fifth coach in five seasons. He got along well with Fizdale, but never got a chance to play for him. “Honestly, it is what it is,” Porzingis told the Daily News. “For him — I liked him as a coach and as a person for the time I was around. They had to sacrifice somebody. I’m almost glad that. …” Porzingis paused and smiled. Stinging words for the organization were at the tip of his tongue, but the 24-year-old again fell on the side of diplomacy. “It is what it is and they didn’t have the start that they wanted,” he continued. “It sucks that those kind of things happen, but at the end it’s a business and they had to make a move.”
“The biggest mistake that I made was not to just recommend that we sign Dwyane and Chris to max contracts as soon as LeBron left, and let’s build around them,” Riley said. “What we wanted to do and what I wanted to do was not to use Dwyane, but to use the opportunity to pay him and at the same time bring in another superstar. “We should have just bit the bullet. He was our franchise guy. We had just been to the Finals four years in a row. They had already played the give-back game, Chris, LeBron and Dwyane to keep Mike Miller and to keep Udonis Haslem. So this was the time now to pay both of them. And we paid Chris and we did not pay Dwyane. If we had done that, he would have been here. He would have never left. This would have been his last year [on the contract], his fifth year.”
“I’ve always said it and I said it when I left [the Heat in 2016], I love that guy and I appreciate him for taking a chance on me and seeing something in me and giving me the platform and opportunity to take off,” Wade said of Riley. “… To bring me back, to move on from that situation and to be able to have this ‘Last Dance’ in a Heat uniform, it’s only right. So I’m glad that everything worked out.”
“It wasn’t hard getting guys in Miami, I’ll tell you that,” James said, reflecting on his success with guys like Mike Miller and Shane Battier when he played for the Heat. “So now that I think being in L.A., I don’t think it would be that hard to get guys here. “But we got to win, and at the end of the day, it’s all about winning. You know, and that’s what I’m trying to do right now, is to show prospects and free agents — and at the same time, show these guys that I got right now — that we can win now, and let’s not worry about the future.”
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Patrick Beverley: I think about Miami a lot. I had it made. This was the first year of the Big Three and the 15-man roster was set. Dexter Pittman and I were the rookies. The only question was whether I’d be the second point guard or the third. I remember it so clearly. End of the preseason, LeBron is cooking in practice one day, and Coach Spo yells: “Somebody needs to step up and guard him!” Mike Miller walks out. “I got him, Coach.” LeBron makes a post move and Mike Miller breaks his thumb. I start thinking: “They’re not going to cut Mike Miller…They’re going to try to replace Mike Miller…And they’re going to want a shooter”. That was Jerry Stackhouse. I was the low man. If Mike Miller doesn’t get hurt, I’ve got two championships and probably three, because no offense to Jason Terry I’d have locked his a—up and we’d have beaten Dallas too.
If the first few months of Penny Hardaway’s tenure at Memphis have proven anything, it’s that his NBA pitch is hitting home with recruits. It’s not just that former NBA player Mike Miller and former NBA coach of the year Sam Mitchell are also on his staff. It’s that their playing and coaching days in the NBA conjure up recent memories, a fact Hardaway turns to often when explaining why they can best prepare prospects for the NBA.
It’s more common for big league teams to instill their trust in a big league assistant already on the staff. Plenty of NBA assistants set to run the show for their respective teams in Sin City (shout out to Jordi Fernandez of the Denver Nuggets and Pat Delany of the Orlando Magic, among others) already boast experience as G League head coaches. A few teams, however, are taking the chance to roll the dice on a minor league coach a step further, however. The Knicks (Mike Miller), the Clippers (Casey Hill), and the Pacers (Steve Gansey) are among the teams who will allow their affiliate’s head coach to lead the way during NBA Summer League.
Denver didn’t make Irving’s list, but former Nugget Mike Miller, who played with Irving in Cleveland during the 2014-15 season, says Irving would be interested in coming to the Nuggets. “I’ve already asked that question,” Miller said to Altitude Radio’s Scott Hastings and Jason Kosmicki about if Irving would entertain playing for the Denver Nuggets. “I don’t know if I can give you the answer but I’ve already asked that question. I think he will. I really do. Like anything else, when people look at cities, Denver’s an unbelievable city we all know that. And with what the organization has built there, he would be crazy not to and he’s definitely, definitely interested in it and I told him by putting this thing out there he has no choice.”
Storyline: Kyrie Irving to Nuggets?
Hastings and Helmer asked Miller about what would attract potential free agents to Denver. Miller responded by giving credit to Nikola Jokić as a draw to free agents with his style and play. “I think the good thing that we have right now is Joker is one of those guys that everyone in the league is starting to take heed to and understand who he is. He’s one of those superstars, I think he’s going to be a superstar. I think you’ll see even more growth at the beginning of this next year, that everyone just wants to play with. He plays that style of basketball. I’ve compared him a lot to Marc and Pau Gasol, I think he’s a lot like that.”