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Milton Doyle
Milton Doyle
Position: G
Born: 10/31/93
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:180 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Salary: $125,000
“I didn’t meet Sister Jean until I was already on campus,” Doyle told The Athletic, laughing. After meeting her, Doyle’s college career finally began to take off. Doyle averaged 14.9 points as a freshman. As a sophomore, Doyle helped Loyola go 24-13 and win the 2015 College Basketball Invitational postseason tournament while shooting a collegiate-best 49 percent from the field and 42 percent from beyond the arc. “I remember before the conference tournament she sat down with me one-on-one and told me to continue leading,” Doyle told The Athletic. “Then we just talked about basketball and school.”
The Nets’ Milton Doyle, James Webb III and Isaiah Whitehead were all playing against Zeke Upshaw when the Grand Rapids standout collapsed on the court over the weekend. And with Upshaw’s passing Monday, Doyle still recalled the surreal scene that unfolded Saturday night. “It was just quiet, dead silence,” Doyle recalled as he was carrying boxes from HSS Training Center on Monday. He’d been on the court for the Long Island Nets when Upshaw tumbled to the floor with 50 seconds left in the G-League game at Grand Rapids. “We really … everybody, we didn’t know what happened. And I didn’t really see the play, so I thought maybe he got hit and something happened, or something like that,” Doyle said. “We didn’t really find out until after the game what really happened.”