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Monta Ellis
Monta Ellis
Position: None
Born: 10/26/85
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:175 lbs. / 79.4 kg.
Salary: $2,245,400
Curry, because it’s been so long and he hasn’t changed much, probably takes the cake. He’s maintained despite his … miraculous rise. That’s impressive. Crawford’s down-to-earthness is legendary. They don’t make them more honest and loyal than Stack Jack. J-Rich was great despite all the losing and disappointment. It never seemed to make him bitter. Turiaf was just flat-out great to talk to. Always. He was just excellent company. Monta Ellis was the most difficult player I have ever covered. He just had no give. He was so bitter about the organization, it infected all of his interactions. Mike Dunleavy Jr. was tough, too. He wasn’t a jerk. Just a tough nut to crack. The expectations weighed on him. As a young beat writer at the time, I didn’t really know how to get past his wall. Andrew Bogut was so irritable sometimes. He had good moments, but he also had some moments where he made me think, “let me get away from him.”
Agents sponsoring grassroots teams eventually became commonplace, but Miller was considered an innovator. After luring Garnett and landing Telfair in 2004 and Monta Ellis in 2005, other agents started pouring into the grassroots scene. “Everyone was looking for the next Kobe,” St. Joseph’s Coach Phil Martelli said of the agents. “And it polluted the game.” Throughout the 2000s, agent involvement in the grassroots scene morphed into a full-blown trend, as backroom deals led to college and agent recruiting pipelines and runners began ingratiating themselves with the families of prospects during their freshman and sophomore years of high school. “There is agent involvement even before we make the first recruiting call, in the spring of 10th grade,” said Notre Dame coach Mike Brey. “They’re there. They’re involved. They’ve identified the top prospects before we have. I’ve had runners call or text me saying, ‘Have you seen this ninth grader in Chicago?’ ”