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Moochie Norris
Moochie Norris
Position: -
Born: 07/27/73
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:184 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
Earnings: $19,173,500 ($26,774,809*)
The joke was supposed to be on Yao. It was 2003, a few months into Yao Ming’s rookie year in Houston. A Rockets staffer found a mouse in the locker room. He stuck it in a shoebox and left it in Yao’s locker. The hope was that the mild-mannered, 7-foot-6 center would jump at the sight of the rodent. He didn’t. Yao opened the box and calmly looked across the room at Moochie Norris, Houston’s 6-1 backup point guard. “Oh,” Yao said. “Moochie’s brother.” Colin Pine chuckles at the memory. It’s one of thousands. For three years Pine was immersed in the life of the most compelling story in basketball. In 2002, Yao was the NBA’s top overall pick. He was the first international player to go No. 1 – and the biggest basketball star to come out of Asia, ever.