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He averaged a triple-double for the fourth time, helped lead the Wizards to the playoffs and broke the NBA’s all-time triple-double record. Oscar Robertson, the man whose record he broke, believes Westbrook should’ve gotten MVP buzz last season as well. “I look at Westbrook, and he got triple-doubles this year and no one even noticed it, they didn’t think it was such a big deal,” Robertson said on The Knuckleheads podcast. “I think that’s totally unfair. I think he should have won [MVP] again. If he [averaged] a triple-double again, and he didn’t win [MVP], so why keep stats then?”
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After winning the championship, Antetokounmpo has been getting well-deserved praise, especially from Bucks legend Oscar Robertson. One of the most difficult players to defend in the entire NBA, Robertson said that only Anthony Davis has the ability to shut Antetokounmpo down. “The only person I think has the size to have a decent chance at guarding Giannis is A.D. from the Lakers. No one else,” said Robertson on SiriusXM.
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Oscar Robertson to Bucks: Let's bring this home

Oscar Robertson: Dear Bucks fans and players, It’s been 50 years coming. Fifty long years, and it’s down to two games. I’ll be honest, it really makes me reflect. When we won back in ’71, it was a big deal. And for me, especially, because it took over 10 years in the league to get to that moment. I called my wife. That’s what I remember from that night. She’d been with me through it all, since I was drafted in 1960, in fact. And so she’d seen me accept a lot of criticism. You see, I was a star player, 11 times All-NBA. But I didn’t have a championship, so certain people denied me a level of credibility.
Oscar Robertson: And now, 50 years later, these Bucks are in the same spot we were in. I’ll tell you….. it’s been a pleasure getting to watch this team. Giannis is a great athlete. He’s fantastic with the basketball. He’s quick. You know, one stride of his is like two of yours. They have Holiday in the backcourt. I think that made a big difference for them. He obviously had the pass in Game 5, snatching it away from Booker and the timing of getting it to Giannis. It was a very competitive play.
Oscar Robertson: That’s all it takes. Forty-eight minutes of good basketball. And I hope it doesn’t get lost how monumental this is, for the Bucks to even be in this position. It’s very, very difficult, in this day and age, for small franchises to compete. Look at all the guys jumping to Los Angeles, Miami, New York. But you don’t have a lot of talk about players going to smaller markets. You just don’t have that. Now that Milwaukee has kept Giannis, it’s a great thing for this game.