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Patrick Patterson
Patrick Patterson
Position: F
Born: 03/14/89
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Salary: $3,068,660
Not that anyone who is, or has been, around LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard expects them to admit they have one another in their respective crosshairs. (Whether it’s in their much-awaited rematch Christmas Day or at some point in the playoffs, count on them talking about their teams more than any individual challenge.) But those on their teams nevertheless know there’s something personal at stake. “They’ll never acknowledge it, but I think under the table, yeah,” Clippers forward Patrick Patterson says. “You’ve got two guys in L.A., of all places, who are both eyeing the same prize and are on tremendous teams and have a tremendous chance of making it to a championship and winning it. Our goal, first and foremost, is to get to the postseason, but I think there’s a little eyeing going back and forth. There’s got to be.”