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Paul Millsap
Paul Millsap
Position: F-C
Born: 02/10/85
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Salary: $29,230,769
So, yes, Jokic, the scorer can be extremely versatile and devastating, and he’s beginning to better realize, the pass-loving big man that he is, that there are instances that require him to gravitate toward more of a scoring role. But the beauty of Jokic, and what speaks most clearly to his legitimate candidacy as an All-NBA player, is that he rarely loses sight of who he is and what makes him special, even if he doesn’t fully realize how special he is. Jokic is ultimately at his best when he is the do-it-all magician he has become the last two seasons. […] “To even watch his growth from the beginning of the year to the end of the year and watch his confidence level continue to rise to one of the stars in this league, it’s been impressive,” Nuggets forward Paul Millsap said of Jokic. “For me to watch that, it’s been great to watch it firsthand. He can only get better from here.”
The Nuggets have already beaten Portland twice. And they’ve been good defensively in doing so. Overall, they are playing some of their most effective basketball in keeping themselves alive in the playoff race with a season-high five straight victories. “I think we’re playing our best overall basketball,” forward Paul Millsap said. “Not necessarily the best offense that we’ve played all year. Not necessarily the best defense. But to be a good team we’ve got to have balance, and I think now, coming down the stretch, we have good balance, offense and defense.”
LeBron James had a ton of praise for Villanova’s Donte DiVincenzo when asked about the NCAA title game. “Listen, that kid, he was on fire,” James said Tuesday. “But he did it in an all (around way). First of all, he made himself a lot of money. That’s the first thing I thought. Obviously, I’m not with the whole college thing so I don’t care about that. He made himself a lot of money last night and not because of the way he was shooting, but he was doing it all. He was getting into the lane, and-1s. Backdoors. Lobs. Verticality with Matthews at the peak, showing his athleticism. And then when the game started to kind of get (close) when Michigan cut it to 12, boom, he hits another backbreaker. Michigan kind of gets it to 10, boom, he shows up again. Man, listen, at the end of the day, Villanova was the best team in college basketball this year and when the National Player of the Year is on the sideline with four fouls for the majority of the second half and you’re still winning? That lets you know how great of a team you are. So, Donte, obviously he was great. The kid (Mikal) Bridges, he was shooting the heck out of the ball. That one kid, No. 4, I call him ‘Baby Millsap,’ (Eric) Paschall, I call him Baby Millsap. Listen, he’s a matchup problem. But the best team won and I’m actually happy they won a little bit because we don’t really speak that other team’s name around here. But I do feel, I feel for the kids though.”
6 months ago via ESPN
Millsap defined Jokic being aggressive as him, “going into his actions with pace and just being himself.” Upon further research, it seems that Millsap’s definition is as spot-on as it gets for such a nebulous ideology to define. It is Millsap himself who is likely the person who best knows how to play through Jokic. “We talk about it,” Millsap said when asked about if he and Jokic have had conversations about getting Jokic to be more aggressive. “I think that is my main goal; especially starting games off before tip-off. Just telling him to just be himself and to be aggressive and, when he does that, great things happen.”
Early in Monday’s double-overtime heartbreaker at Miami, Nuggets’ forward Paul Millsap pump-faked to get defender James Johnson in the air. And then the four-time all-star froze. “I didn’t know how to finish,” Millsap said. “I was so hesitant to finish with my left hand that (Johnson) ended up catching up and blocking my shot. Simple things like that have been tough for me to adjust to.”