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Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce
Position: -
Born: 10/13/77
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:229 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Earnings: $200,708,312 ($244,878,140*)
If Boston Celtics forward icon Paul Pierce has always seemed a little gangster on the court, it’s no accident — in fact, according to a story he told former teammate and host of the “Opinionated 7-Footers” podcast Ryan Hollins, that mentality dates all the way back to his time in Englewood. “I tell this story all the time,” he began with a grin. “There’s this park in Inglewood,” elaborated Pierce. “It’s in the cut, called Ash Park. I lived in these apartments, and I used to go there like every Saturday. And all they have up there was Mexicans, right?”
“So that’s all that was up there, and they used to play ball. So I started playing with them. And all they did was foul.” “I was the only Black kid. I’m telling you, playing against all Mexicans … but they my peeps. Always go up there and get fouled, get fouled and I’ve got to be tough. I said ‘I’m going to just go up here every Saturday.’ They really don’t know how to play basketball, they’re just out here getting the workout hooping, and I was like ‘Damn’.”
The 2007-08 Celtics were a worst-to-first turnaround. And Eastman (who was an assistant coach for Boston from the ’04-’05 season until ’12-’13) tells a famous story of how when Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett were first acquired, Rivers took them and Paul Pierce on a Duck Boat Tour before the season to inspire them (Boston championship teams ride on the Duck Boats). But there was also another message that was laid out in those early days of the Big Three, one that involved a need for sacrifice.
“When you get deeper into the relationship building and early on, you’re going to talk to your team about what’s needed,” Eastman said. “And to be the winner, number one it’s not easy. Number two, everyone has to sacrifice something. Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, they couldn’t continue to shoot the number of shots per game they shot at each of their individual places or else no one else would’ve touched the ball period. All of them were willing to sacrifice those things to get what is really hard to get, a chance at a championship.”