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Perry Jones
Perry Jones
Position: -
Born: 09/24/91
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Earnings: $5,285,886 ($6,093,896*)
Jones lives in Los Angeles and he lights up when he talks about getting to be with his teammates every day. He wants to get back into an NBA camp or try to go overseas. Jones would welcome a return to Oklahoma City, where his uncle still lives. Jones is having fun again playing basketball, with the BIG3 providing the platform. “It’s been a tough road for sure, but things are definitely looking better,” Jones said. “I’m healthy again and it’s kinda cool to be able to play the game I love regardless of the number of people on the court.
Storyline: Perry Jones Free Agency
During Jones’ final season in Oklahoma City, his cousin, Trequan Blocker, was battling heart failure. After practice or games, Jones would drive the three hours south on I-35 to Dallas to see his dying family member. Even when Jones was traded to Boston in 2015, he was still flying to Dallas frequently. “It caused a lot of conflict in my professional career because I wasn’t resting,” Jones said. “I wasn’t all the way there as far as basketball goes.”
At Baylor and as a pro, Jones carried a reputation for a lack of desire. On the night of the draft, Jones said he was approached by someone who said he was red-flagged (“I’ve heard it was things about my knee. I’ve heard it was things about my attitude,” he said.) During the draft, his phone died and the then-21-year-old was terrified, wondering if he’d missed the call from a team that wanted to select him. “That would be a terrible thing to think that they called me and my phone was dead and they didn’t pick me,” Jones said. “If that’s the reason then that’s insane.”