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Peyton Siva
Peyton Siva
Position: -
Born: 10/24/90
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:180 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Earnings: $490,180 ($541,176*)
Playing in Ulm — Albert Einstein’s hometown in Germany — Hayes showed he has room to improve. He was inconsistent from 3-point range (21.8% in 20 domestic league games; 39% in 10 EuroCup games), but is crafty with the basketball. “He hit me with a really good move at the top of the key — made me stumble and fall,” said Siva, who played one season with the Detroit Pistons. Hayes finished with 20 points and 10 assists in the loss to Siva’s team. Although quiet, Hayes does not lack confidence.
Peyton Siva is currently back in Florida as well, taking some time off with his family as he celebrates the Basketball Bundesliga League title he and his Alba Berlin teammates won in late June. And while cases have risen lately in the Sunshine State and around the U.S., the top German basketball league reopened the right way last month, Siva said — over the course of three weeks in Munich, none of the players, coaches or hotel staff involved with the 10-team tournament tested positive at any time.
Storyline: Orlando Bubble
The stakes were high, Siva said, just like they’ll be high when NBA players return to the court later this month. But a successful restart, he added, can send a message to the world. “This is a chance to show that basketball can survive through this time — whether that’s with spectators or not,” he told The Courier Journal last Thursday, the day after his plane landed back in the U.S.
It was a winning strategy — he came back to the U.S. as a BBL champion, starting at point guard for title-winning Alba Berlin — but he advised NBA players preparing for Orlando to enjoy their time outside the bubble now. Life is different once you’re inside. “I feel like it’s going to be a lot tougher for them, since it’s a lot longer season that they’re going to be playing than we had,” Siva said. “… Try to get out and do stuff as much as you can because you can get cabin fever staying in a place so long. But I feel like they’ll have a lot more things to do with going outside, going golfing, more entertainment — and plus they can have family come later on. I think that’ll help a lot of the guys.”
Crawford doesn’t do any dribbling drills; his skills are purely instinctual. His logic: Why dribble around cones and chairs when cones and chairs aren’t 6-foot-6, athletic defenders? As stories circulated that Crawford dribbled everywhere he went, crossing-over random people on the street on his way to school, others emulated the practice. “Shit, I mean, he set the tone everybody. Literally, everybody who playing basketball in Seattle copied his game,” Moore said. “So, like, his hesitation-pull-up jumper, his hesitation-crossover, every guard in Seattle is known for having that because of Jamal. Nobody had that before. Nate (Robinson) had it,” Moore continued. “I do it. (Peyton) Siva, Tone Wroten. Everybody. Isaiah Thomas. It’s all his style we try to emulate. It’s all his style. We got it from him because we all used to sit there and watch him play and tried to be like him. I feel like the right words would be dudes try to play like Jamal,” Gaddy said, laughing. “You can’t play like Jamal because he’s unreal.”