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PJ Tucker
PJ Tucker
Position: F
Born: 05/05/85
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Salary: $8,349,039
During a typical regular season, P.J. Tucker spends his off days checking out sneaker shops, no matter what city he is in. When the NBA season was put on hold, Tucker’s off-day shopping trips came to a halt. But that didn’t stop his shopping sprees. “I’ve bought more shoes during the coronavirus than I ever have,” Tucker said with a laugh. “Probably in my entire life.” Tucker, known around the NBA as the league’s most prolific sneakerhead, spent countless hours during the time when team facilities were shut down checking eBay to add to his collection.
As he was packing for the NBA’s restart in Orlando, Tucker was uncertain if he’d be able to receive packages while in the bubble, so he went “all-in,” just in case, bringing more than 80 pairs with him for what could end up being a three-month stay should the Rockets reach the NBA Finals. “I’m bringing the big boy out for Orlando, I’m not gonna lie,” he said as he was packing, with a laugh. “The big 24 [pair] case joint. I’m bringing that. I got to! Everything needs to come Day One.”
In a Monday appearance on flagship radio station SportsTalk 790 in Houston, Tilman Fertitta explained his reasons for optimism: We have as good a chance as anybody. You have Russ and James, who want this, and P.J., and Eric and Covington, it’s just a really good team. And then [Danuel] House and [Austin] Rivers. When you start looking at our eight-man rotation, you just go ‘Wow, this is pretty darn good.’
Tilman Fertitta: “I think we’re all excited to see sports today. I think we’re really excited to see the NBA because in the NBA we really know our players. Fans know their personalities. We’re so lucky to have the team we have. When you look at James (Harden) and Russ (Westbrook) and P.J. (Tucker) and Eric (Gordon), it’s exciting. I think we have as good a chance as anybody. I think the NBA and team owners have taken our time to make sure we did this right and it’s safe for everybody. I know that everybody is excited to play. I didn’t want to play if the players didn’t want to play and everybody’s happy to play.”
P.J. Tucker will release a new limited-edition collection of clothing items next week to help promote awareness of coronavirus safety measures and raise funds for the Houston Food Bank and local businesses and vendors. Tucker announced that he and The Better Generation will make items available for a preorder through the weekend or while supplies last. The items will include long and short sleeve shirts, shorts and a baseball cap and feature COVID-19 awareness graphics.
“We all came together and said we wanted to do something positive,” Tucker said. “With so much negativity and so much stuff going on right now in the world, we wanted to do something to give back and help out. We’re doing three different shirts, three different shorts and a hat. There is a social distancing logo and messaging on the back with the logo for the store.”

PJ Tucker opening sneaker store

Rockets center P.J. Tucker, known for his longtime love of limited-edition sneakers almost as much as for his 3-and-D role with Houston, will be opening his own sneaker boutique later this year. Tucker made the announcement on Saturday during an Instagram Live Q&A with Nice Kicks. “We’re looking to do the grand opening in October,” Tucker said. “We’ve got a lot of dope collabs coming. We’re going to have some fun with it, and I’m excited about that.”
While quarantining from his home in Texas, NBA Sneaker King P.J. Tucker took to Instagram today to share some of his collection and interact with fans. He also joined an IG Live session with Nate Robinson hosted by Nice Kicks, during which he revealed that he’s opening his own store in Houston. “I’m actually, which I can confirm now, opening my store,” said Tucker. The Better Generation with P.J. Tucker. We’re looking at grand opening in October.”
Truth be told, these were all topics that I planned on highlighting months ago. Tucker and I discussed his career in late December, with D’Antoni and Harden both weighing in to share their perspective on the unique way he had influenced their title-contending team. “Well, he’s just as important as anybody,” D’Antoni had said. “(But) he’s not sexy. That’s what it is. I’m talking about names, and fame, reputations. I don’t think (reporters) do deep dives on what is really happening (when he’s on the floor).”
Added Harden: “Yeah, I think he’s been overlooked. …You talk about a guy who plays that role and a glue guy who does what he’s supposed to do every…single…night. He’s at the top of that list. Not a lot of people love doing that role if it’s not showing up on the stat sheet or if it’s not looking flashy, like the dirty dog, diving on the floor, taking charges, those types of plays that win games. He loves it. He embraces it, so I’m appreciative of him.”
“(There was) no doubt about it,” Tucker told The Athletic when asked about his reaction to this new role, and the reality that his willingness to play it would empower Harden and Westbrook like never before. “That’s an easy decision. That’s not something that (was in question). “I get (the question). I have to tell you that. But it’s not a choice. It’s like when people ask me why I play so hard. Like, it’s not a choice to play hard. I don’t have a choice. That’s what you’ve got to do. Period.”
Since the Robert Covington trade, besides Harden, Tucker has shared the floor with Covington the most—nearly 20 more minutes than with Westbrook, and 40 minutes than the next forward, Danuel House. Why? Because between the both of them, Houston’s defense is a killer. In 152 minutes together, Tucker-Covington is posting a defensive rating of 101.3. That’s stiff. That’s not even considering there’s not a lot of dropoff on the other side of the ball, with an offensive rating of 119.2. It’s like the two were made for each other. Toughness, switches, and defensive IQ galore. “It allows us to let them be disruptive on a lot of different phases of the court because, like you said, when we’re guarding the ball, we can put anybody on it,” Covington said following Houston’s 116-105 win over Boston. “You’ve got Tuck (P.J. Tucker) and (Danuel) House (Jr.) and the other guys who can step in and be very versatile. Overall, just putting different people in and different matchups and you play a lot of different defenders in front of the ball and it’s not just one set guy.”
Houston Rockets power forward PJ Tucker has rarely gone the custom-painted route, though he still managed to catch Kevin Durant by surprise with yet another colorful, themed recent pair. Originally designed by one of the founding members of the Taiwanese sneaker message board Kenlu.net, the “Orange Tree” KD IV was a creation on NIKEiD with just a handful of pairs made. Tucker somehow got his hands on a pair nearly eight years later, of course. “We’ve been friends for years and I’ve always loved his sneakers,” Tucker said of Durant. “Our friendship is deeper than anything, but the sneaker aspect is unbelievable.” “Dog I’m about to ban you from wearing my shoes,” Durant joked on Instagram. “They might as well be your joints now.”