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PJ Tucker
PJ Tucker
Position: F
Born: 05/05/85
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:224 lbs. / 101.6 kg.
Salary: $7,959,537
To be clear, this isn’t just something Tucker slapped his name on. He said he was fully involved in every step of the process, which took about six months. “I picked everything,” he said. “They helped me out a ton trying to find fabrics and different things that could make the shirt like I wanted it. I wanted a summertime type of vibe. Really a shirt that you could wear kind of anywhere and in any situation.”
Nobody in this pace-and-space league shoots more corner three-pointers than Tucker, 3.7 per game, and he is the only player who makes at least one per game from the right side. Finding his own little hardwood haven was no fastbreak. “Patience — that’s crazy. I like that word,” Tucker told the Times. “I talk about it so much because it’s not something people really think about as far as being a NBA player, making it to the NBA. It’s something that everyone hates. No one wants to be patient. No one wants to wait for anything. They want it right now — that instant gratification. And me, I’ve really had to be patient.”
He starred in Israel and then in the Ukraine, and then back in Israel. He played well in Greece, Italy and Germany. He won most valuable player awards and championship trophies. “I wasn’t coming back to the NBA. I had no interest in it,” Tucker said. “I was successful there. … I had established myself to the point where I was one of the best players in Europe at the time. These were million-dollar contracts.”