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Quinn Cook
Quinn Cook
Position: G
Born: 03/23/93
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:179 lbs. / 81.2 kg.
Groomsmen included NBA stars John Wall and Eric Bledsoe as well as brother Jaleel Cousins, who plays in Europe. Also in attendance were former Golden State Warriors teammates Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston as well as new Lakers teammates Anthony Davis and Quinn Cook, and former Lakers star Matt Barnes.
Quinn Cook: I think that’s a big reason why they wanted me to come here, just the fact that I’ve been on a championship team. I contributed on a championship team, playing well at key moments in the Finals and in big playoff moments and things like that. I think that’s a big reason why they wanted me. And that is a big reason why I wanted to come here too. With my experiences over the last two years, I know there’s no better feeling as a basketball player than to play well at the highest level and on the biggest stage. That was definitely a big reason why I wanted to come to the Lakers. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m just blessed to be part of a great organization with so much winning tradition. And I’m still young, like you said, so I just want to keep learning from all of these vets who I’ll get to play with.
Quinn Cook: He’s always been a great, reliable vet and mentor to me. I know I can always rely on him. Like I said, he and Kobe were two of my favorite players when I was growing up, so it’s sort of surreal to even have a relationship with him. Playing against him in the Finals was a dream come true for me. Now, getting the chance to be his teammate again is great and another dream come true. I’m really excited for this opportunity. I know he called [the front office] on my behalf to help get me over here to the Lakers, so I’m very appreciative of that. Ever since I’ve been in Los Angeles, we’ve been working out together and staying in contact. I just think I’m very blessed, and I’m very thankful to have this relationship with LeBron.
Quinn Cook: I was literally just talking about this with Kyle Kuzma! I’ve been so blessed to have played for some great teams, going to two high schools that had big fan bases – DeMatha and Oak Hill. Then, obviously, at Duke we had the best fan base in college basketball. Then, going to Golden State and being a dynasty and being champions, there was a huge following. But I’ve been a Laker for about two weeks now and this is crazy. This is the most love I’ve ever had. I’ve never had so many fans hitting me up and congratulating me. Anywhere I walk in Los Angeles, there are Laker fans! They’re all over the place! They’ve been showing me extreme love.
“I think everybody in this organization knows that we’re a better team with Kevin,” Warriors guard Quinn Cook, one of Durant’s closest friends on the team, told The Athletic late Thursday night. “I think for him, he’s been a superstar since he’s been in the league, so there’s a different narrative every day. I think he’s used to that. (But) he has a relationship with everybody on the team, so I think he knows how we all feel about him. … Everybody has to step up in his absence. That’s really the biggest thing. Everybody has been stepping up because we know we don’t have the best player on our team.”
When Cousins walked into the locker room before the game, his teammate Quinn Cook passed on the news that his beloved rapper had been shot. The four-time All-Star was stunned. About 45 minutes before the Warriors tipped off against the Charlotte Hornets, news broke that the rapper had died. “The sick part about it, I had been listening to Nipsey all day today,” Cousins told The Undefeated. “If you go to my Instagram, it was like moments before the news broke, I posted his music. I’m not even sure what the time frame was. Everyone knows I’m a huge Nipsey fan. He’s more to me than just a rapper, he’s an icon. … “You hate to see anybody go, but you really hate to see that happen to a person like that. … I still haven’t settled with it. It was on my mind even before the game.”
College teammate Austin Rivers watched him in the G League, and so did LeBron James after a training camp together in Cleveland. “That doesn’t happen, and those guys kept my confidence [up],” Cook told Rivers and Warriors sideline reporter Kerith Burke on The Uninterrupted Road Trippin’ Podcast. “I knew the work I put in. And growing up, I always had confidence in myself. I was a McDonald’s All-American. I was All-American in college. I just had to take a different route, and I appreciated it.”
To hear him tell it, Curry’s transformed basketball as much as anyone in recent memory. “Comparing him to other players, he’s not the most athletic guy on the floor nine out of 10 times,” Rivers told Warriors sideline reporter Kerith Burke and guard Quinn Cook on The Uninterrupted Road Trippin’ podcast. “But nine out of 10 times, he’s usually the best player on the floor, and that’s changed the game. Kids used to want to dunk, and now they want to shoot 3s. He’s changed the way basketball is played. It’s a [3-point shooter’s] league now.”
Anthony Slater: Quinn Cook played with Victor Oladipo in high school. Long-time friends. Oladipo had that devastating injury the other night. Cook has ‘VO4’ written on both shoes tonight.

Lastly, the Warriors are sensitive what the integration process might entail involving McCaw’s return. How long would it take for McCaw to feel comfortable on the court after not playing professionally since logging limited minutes in the 2018 Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals? How long would it take for the Warriors’ bench to adjust considering Kerr has managed varying bench rotations to accommodate for new arrivals (McKinnie, Jonas Jerebko) and larger roles for young players (Bell, Kevon Looney, Quinn Cook)? To what extent would the Warriors’ locker room welcome McCaw back? “It would be an adjustment just because he hadn’t been playing with us and we have a new roster and a couple of new guys. But I think most of us would take him back with open arms,” Looney said. “Of course, we would talk to him and tease him a little bit and say, ‘It’s been a while’ and ask what he’s been up to. But we all love him. We won a championship together. At least for me, I definitely would’ve taken him back with open arms.”
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Quinn Cook dished out six of Golden State’s 28 assists playing in Curry’s spot. “I think we’re all professional. We all love each other. We’re with each other every day for nine months. Brothers are going to fight and brothers are going to get into it,” Cook said. “I think the biggest thing, we know the common goal, we know what’s at stake. These guys have been great for a while. I think we’re all going to get past this and come together. It’s going to make us stronger.” Does Durant agree? “Who knows, we’ll see,” he said.
Quinn Cook, Golden State Warriors: “I would’ve pursued something in the movie industry. I’m into producing and editing movies and stuff like that. I majored in Theater when I was at Duke. I’m making a documentary right now. I edit a lot of videos too. I use the program Splice and a little bit of iMovie, but mainly Splice. At Duke, I didn’t put on any actual productions [for the public], but I took a class and I was in two plays. I was in The Outsiders – that’s my favorite book. I wasn’t a main character, I was just one of the Socs. It was just part of that class, it was cool.”
A player who is not currently in the game is typically assessed a one-game suspension for leaving the immediate vicinity of the bench when an altercation ensues in live action. The two stars will not be reprimanded because the league did not deem the activity of Lakers guard Lance Stephenson and Warriors guard Quinn Cook as being an “altercation,” sources said.
Therefore, Cook said he has worked on “all aspects” of his game this summer. “I’m trying to be in the best shape of my life. I’m getting stronger and more athletic to help rebound and to guard bigger opponents,” said Cook, who is listed at 6-foot-2. “My confidence and experience is another thing that has helped me this summer. I know where I get my shots from and I know I’ll be ready to shoot at all times.”
The Warriors also allowed Cook to bring their 2017 NBA championship trophy to his hometown, providing an illustrative reminder of both what drives Cook and should motivate his campers aspiring to follow his path. “I’m in the NBA and I won a championship. I had some great things happen, but I’m not satisfied,” Cook said. “I want to keep getting better, being a great teammate and try to keep learning from our guys and help as much as possible. I’m not satisfied with where I’m at.”
The two stayed together as teammates when Seattle relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008 until the Thunder traded Green and Nenad Krstic for Nate Robinson and Kendrick Perkins before the trade deadline in the 2010-11 season. Since then, Durant and Green have both stayed in touch and helped with various philanthropic projects for PG County. “They’re perfect role models for our area,” said Warriors guard Quinn Cook, who is also close childhood friends with Durant and Green. “They’re great basketball players, but they are better people and better human beings. They’re always there for the young guys. They’re there for advice if you ask any of the teammates. They’ve always been great teammates. It means a lot just to have guys like that with that talent.”
Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said he considered Cook a “solid player” that excelled as a shooter, running the pick-and-roll and creating off the dribble. But the Cavaliers cut him just before the regular season started and played with the Canton Charge. And though Cook chalked that decision party to a “numbers game,” Lue also observed Cook became too self critical of himself. “He gave it his all. but he tried so hard,” Lue said. “Sometimes he’d make mistakes and he was mad at certain plays and certain possessions.”
Quinn Cook was 14 years old when his father, Ted, died less than a month after falling into a coma during a colon procedure gone awry. Tears streaming down his face as he stood by his father’s hospital bed, Cook thanked his dad for showing him how to be a man and promised to look out for his mother, Janet, and older sister, Kelsey. Then he picked up his basketball and returned to the gym. For more than three hours, he hoisted jumpers in silence as his best friend, Norman Pope, rebounded. “He put all of his focus right back into the gym,” Pope said. “And I’m telling you: He didn’t miss too many shots after that. He was just so focused.”
Now, after starting 18 regular-season games with Stephen Curry sidelined by various injuries, Cook enters Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals Sunday in New Orleans as a key part of Golden State’s future, still guided by the man who shaped his past. “To this day, I still think about my dad all the time,” Cook said. “Somewhere, I know he’s looking down on me and smiling.”
A member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity at Howard University, Ted Cook loved Michael Jordan, a fellow Omega Psi Phi brother at North Carolina, and the Lakers, who wear Omega Psi Phi’s signature purple and gold. On school nights, when Quinn was in elementary and middle school, Ted often let his only son stay up past midnight to watch Lakers games on TV. “Ted was the coolest,” said Pacers guard Victor Oladipo, one of Quinn’s best childhood friends. “He was just one of those cool guys where everyone loved being around him, especially those young hoopers who were coming up in the area. If you ever needed anything, he was there for you.”
That unrelenting mindset powered Cook to G-League Rookie of the Year honors, but never bore a 10-day contract. Cook went to camp with the Pelicans in 2016, only to lose out on their final roster spot to the reincarnated Lance Stephenson. Another year in the G-League commenced, this time sparking a call-up with the Mavericks and two consecutive 10-day contracts back with New Orleans. A stable roster spot never emerged, although neither ever considered heading to Europe. “That never came into my head,” Cook says. “I knew I was an NBA player and that I just needed the right opportunity in the right situation.” “He turned down lucrative opportunities overseas to play in the G-League and work toward his NBA dream,” says Cooks’s agent, Jim Tanner.
His destiny once more pointed towards the G-League. Although the Warriors called shortly after Cook resurfaced as a free agent, offering one of Golden State’s inaugural two-way contracts, allowing players to spend upwards of 45 days on the NBA club while primarily suiting up for the team’s G-League affiliate. Cook shuttled back and forth from Oakland to Santa Cruz, often carpooling with Warriors center Damian Jones. Curry went down in December, then again in February. Cook filled the role as aptly as possible. “Quinn Cook is a fantastic example of how the system is supposed to work,” says Kiki Vandeweghe, the NBA’s executive vice president of basketball operations. In Golden State’s whirring egalitarian offense, Cook’s scoring and shooting prowess naturally melded. He shed the scarlet letter for a green light, complimenting old friend Durant. “He’s fallen into the perfection situation,” Resner says.
Storyline: Two-Way Contracts
So in between rehab exercises, Curry has assumed a different role. He has remained what Warriors guard Quinn Cook called “the ultimate mentor” and “ultimate big brother” during his first NBA playoff stint. “Steph’s always giving him advice,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “I don’t really listen to their conversations. But it’s nice for Quinn to have that voice and that friendship with Steph. He’s been a big help.”
Yet, the Cook-Curry dynamic has become unique. Curry remains the Warriors’ franchise player. As Durant also noted, “Point guards always come together.” “They’re always talking and trying to figure out different ways to gain an advantage out there,” Durant said. “Steph is the best at that with figuring out ways to be effective. Quinn is watching at all times and watching how he runs his offense through film. But he adds his different flair to it. Steph is so good at pulling people aside and letting him know what he sees as well and small tricks he used to become a great player in this league. Small guys have to stick together.”
The Warriors have been in discussions with point guard Quinn Cook about a multiyear deal that would turn his two-way contract into a standard NBA deal, a team source has confirmed with The Chronicle. […] “Quinn is a guy Steve (Kerr) has leaned on and the players have come to trust,” general manager Bob Myers told 95.7 The Game on Wednesday afternoon. “It’s conversations we’ve had. We’ll have to come to some type of decision prior to the last game of the season.”
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In what will be the first deal of its kind, a two-year guaranteed pact is being ironed out and is expected to completed before the April 10 deadline in order for Cook to be playoff-eligible, sources tell ESPN. The two-way contracts were introduced this season, allowing for a combined NBA and G League affiliate contract as part of the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement. Two-way players are not eligible to compete in the playoffs. Cook, 25, is expected to be the first player in history to turn a two-way contract into postseason invite.
1 year ago via ESPN
The Golden State Warriors and point guard Quinn Cook have entered into serious discussions on a multi-year deal that would convert his two-way contract to a standard NBA deal, league sources tell ESPN. In what will be the first deal of its kind, a two-year guaranteed pact is being ironed out and is expected to completed before the April 10 deadline in order for Cook to be playoff-eligible, sources tell ESPN.
1 year ago via ESPN
While Kerr had previously said that Cook would not be on the playoff roster, Cook’s play and Curry’s health might change that. Curry returned from his ankle injury last Friday against the Hawks, but that didn’t last long as he suffered a knee strain. The two-time NBA MVP is expected to miss the first round of the playoffs, according to Kerr. A source told The Undefeated that the injury-plagued Warriors are seriously considering signing Cook for the remainder of the season. Doing so would mean the Warriors would have to cut a player on their 15-man roster. Cook’s agent Jim Tanner told The Undefeated on Monday that the Warriors have not talked to him about signing his client for the rest of the season.
“I haven’t heard anything. We haven’t discussed anything,” Cook said. “I’m only controlling what I can control. I can’t control that. All I can do is keep being a great teammate and pushing guys in practice. If I have to play extended minutes, just keep playing consistent. We’re just focused on getting guys healthy, finishing the season strong and just locking into getting a great playoff run. I’ve [worried] before when I’ve tried to make teams. When you start thinking ahead and about what can happen, for me, I don’t play as well. I just like to stay in the moment and control what I can control. When you start thinking hypothetically, you don’t perform as well. I’m just staying in the moment, man.”
Cook averaged 21.5 points, 3.2 made 3-pointers and 3.2 assists in four games from March 14-19. Cook credited the “constant support and confidence” from the Warriors’ coaching staff and his teammates. “My coaches and teammates let me know, ‘We know what you can do. We brought you here for a reason. We need you to be this guy,’ ” Cook said. “They were giving me confidence every single day. Coach Kerr would get mad at me when I didn’t shoot. Draymond [Green], Kevin [Durant], all those guys would get mad at me when I didn’t shoot. To have guys like that give you confidence, you could do nothing but get better. I just was lucky to have those guys believe in me.”
Curry describes Cook as an NBA player. “He’s on this team for a reason and he has an amazing opportunity to really show what he was about in helping a team accomplish a goal,” Curry said. “To not be passive when he is out there on the court. Not be anybody else. Be aggressive. Be a scorer. Be a playmaker and do what they brought him here for. “At that point, he can be proud of himself and what he is about. I try to encourage that mindset as much as I can. … He has been playing amazing. I’m sure that will continue throughout the rest of the regular season and whatever happens after that.”